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A Peculiar Halloween

Trick or Treat! Halloween is coming, though I don't celebrate the occasion at all. I suppose the closest that I have ever been to Halloween-related was getting free candy as a kid from some event promoter in a shopping mall. Anyway, Halloween parties aren't uncommon here. Almost every party would have a little competition to discover the Best Dressed or Best Halloween Costume, whichever it is called. While I am very certain there is no lack of ideas floating around for people who are into that sort of thing, I thought I would throw in a few suggestions myself since I am feeling a little bored.

For starters, if anybody absolutely hates the idea of all that fancy, gooey make-up and such on the face, it is always possible to go clean. For example, if you have naturally powerful assets like huge goldfish eyes or something, all that is required is just a creepy staring down at people while flashing a thoughtful grin. I wouldn't mind going for that one! ★

Another convenient way of putting together a Halloween get-up is to simply wear a mask, and cover the rest of the body in some dark-coloured fabric. Honestly, you don't even need to resemble anything. Just go around the room solemnly with your cocktail glass or something. ★

But if you are in for some make-up without feeling overwhelmed, how about the strange-looking kid look? It works better if you have longer, messy hair! You just need to work on one side of the face, and wear something long and bulky like your blanket. Drag yourself across the room reluctantly, preferably with one hand sticking out somewhere. ★★

Personally, I wouldn't endorse this act unless I have a secret death wish or something, but it is definitely a creative way to get anybody's attention. Sadako has come a very, very long way, and her legacy continues whether people like it or not. The classic television scene has become a regular fixture of gags and such, though if anybody were to think about it, the stint isn't exactly the smoothest thing. I mean, first of all you need to have really flexible joints. Some experience in yoga or gymnastics is necessary to effectively play the part. ★★★★★

Well, I think I would probably find a couple of horror movies to watch or something on Halloween. Hmm, I should get myself some Halloween candy as well...

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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