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Fan Feature - Anime Stickers Collector Tatiana

We are delighted to interview a fellow Stickers Collector by the name of Tatiana QA Paccarangan from the Philippines. Kudos for showing some much passion in her anime collection. Let's hear from her.

Left Jumin print - Giri Doodles
Upper right MM sticker set - Cornepu
Lower right Choi Twins - Obentou Box

Todoroki print/sketch - Encre.ment

All prints/stickers - Batusawa Illustrations
R18 sticker lower right - Wrynegrade

Left side - Fallen Lucifiel
Upper right print - Himi

Ques 1: So tell me a little about yourself
Ans: Hi, I'm Tatiana from Philippines. I love cute things, anime, manga and Japanese culture. I'm also a cosplayer and has been on the cosplay community for five years now.

Ques 2: When did you start to fall in love with anime?
Ans: I started liking anime way back 2001 when I got the chance to watch Cardcaptor Sakura.

Ques 3: Why do you collect stickers?
Ans: They were more cuter than keychains and standees. Also it's one of my guilty pleasure having hauls of stickers of different anime/game characters both from the original merch or bought them from local/international artists.

Ques 4: What kind/genre of stickers do you collect?
Ans: I collect more on my favorite anime/game characters but every now and then when I see some cute stickers, I instantly buy them!

Ques 5: Where do you buy your stickers from?
Ans: I mostly buy my stickers from these online stores:
 * Kawaii Ph Store
 * Creampette
 * Kuso-taisa
 * Batusawa Illustrations
 * Fallen-lucifiel
 * The Paper Stone
 * Cornepu
 * Polyvinyl Parfait
 * Xelalanana


Upper right prints Yurio/Viktor - Himi

Left - Kawaii Ph Store/ Little Miss Paintbrush
Upper right Fate print - PVC Parfait
Akatsuki no yona stickers - Creampette
Kaneki print - Encre.ment

All prints - Fallen Lucifiel

Ques 6: What is your goal of stickers collection? 
Ans: I have not thought of reaching how much stickers I want, but the satisfaction I get everytime I buy from local/international artists can never be fulfilled unless I get hold of their stuff ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ . And also its also my way of supporting artists who made their designs with so much effort.

Ques 7: What are some of the good practice in stickers collection?
Ans: There's a lot of ways to store them especially if you don't want them to have bents, discoloration or dust covering your stickers, you can store them in photo albums or clearbooks. Don't stack them as there's a possibility that it'll stick to the stickers beneath it and that will ruin everything. Take time placing each of your stickers in albums, frame your favorites or have it laminated. What I do to my collection is that I substitute a little roll of magic tape instead of double-sided tape and place it at the back of my stickers and stick them on a A4 black paper book. I also place white bond papers in between each page so it won't stick to each other. Finally I place my precious albums on my bookshelf along with my favorite books.

Ques 8: Is there anything else you would like to add? 
Ans: Think first what kind of stickers do you want to collect, where to buy them and where do you wish to keep them. No matter how small or big your stickers are, it's still all about the happiness and satisfaction of collecting them. More stickers for us collectors! =)

Left Fate stickers - PVC Parfait
Yue - Creampette
Right side stickers with words and unicorn - Fandom Feels Ph
Lower right - Kawaii Ph Store

Left prints -Himi
Chibi MM colorful ones - Xelalanana
MM neko-mimi stickers - Kuso-Taisa

Saeran circle sticker - Wrynegrade

Akatsuki no yona stickers - Creampette
Food stickers / right side - Kawaii Ph Store

Thanks for sharing Tatiana. Your passion as a collector has certainly inspire us all. Do email us if you think you have a great anime collection to share. Remember, otaku is all about sharing and caring for the community. ^^

Written by Max

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