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Take kawaii shots with our Facebook camera effects frames

Ever since Facebook launched the Facebook Camera Effects, I had played around with some of our kawaii OCs to make simple frames. Anime friends just need to go to the link of our frames and download. Within seconds, when they open up the camera mode in their facebook, they will see our frames (beneath the "magic wand" icon). Simply point at yourself or a far away object and snaps photos away!

Meanwhile, here are some creative photos taken by people. Thanks all for the love! ^^

Which one is the cutest? ^^

To get the free kawaii facebook frames, click on the links below and then click "Send notification" (note these frames may only be available for a limited time ^^). Within seconds, the frame appears on the camera mode in your facebook.

1. Moochan and Magical

2. Sleepheads Kakichan and Takorin

3. Moochan back from strawberry farm

4. Tomoko the Coffee Genie

5. Tomoko loves Frappacino

6. Kakichan sleeps with Tamachan

7. Takorin the Pirate Dumbo Octopus

8. Takorin loves Moochan

9. Kakichan ready for a fresh day at work

10. Spookalicious 2 

Halloween is round the corner, so the "Spookalicious 2" frame is a whimsical way to spice up your "Fright Night" photos! ^^ Enjoy our OC frames and do share our post. If you like, you may send us your photos and we may feature them! 

Written by Max

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