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A Vampire Called God

I love horror and mythological manga, especially the ones that don't involve a love story (side-eyeing Black Bird, which I gave up after Kyo had to save Misao for the millionth time. Jeez.). Youkai is definitely a theme that captivates me.

Lately, I've been keeping up with Kami to Yobareta Kyuuketsuki, which literally means A Vampire Called God. Vampires feel like very western supernatural beings to me, despite being frequently illustrated in manga. However, in Kami to, our dear vampire happens to be a Japanese god with his own shrine!

Vlad is a vampire who resides in the Japanese mountains near a small town. Due to some circumstances, he has come to be regarded as the god of the land. As he protects his territory and its residents, he has encounters with humans, youkai and even gods alike.

Unfortunately, Vlad is a clear outcast among the other yukata-wearing characters, hated by the komainu he inherited alongside the shrine (the creatures guarding shrines). Vlad clearly has his own dark past, but his current gentle disposition and earnest wish to help the humans and youkai quickly earns him some friends, if not allies.

Kami to a enjoyable and relaxing read that doesn't require much information to be absorbed. Most issues are resolved quickly and frankly, it is light on dialogue compared to many other manga. Despite the relatively simple and clean art, Sakurai sensei is quite adept at various facial expressions, and pretty much all the characters are pleasing to look at. There are some action scenes as well and the scenery look great, another point I like.

In general, while the characters have distinct personalities, they are not highly developed, which in this case suits the manga, keeping it fairly whimsical without making a big deal about the unfathomable aspect of the supernatural.

I would say this manga is a 7/10. The plot is nothing distinctive, the characters are generally predictable. However, I find it suitable as a light read. Like its main character, this manga feels gentle. I have no urgent need to read it, yet I still want to eventually finish all 6 volumes because it makes me want to.

Written by Nana
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