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One day, an average salaryman was sitting under the trees for a breather. It was probably his lunch break or something, as there was a small bag of stuff from the nearby convenience store. The weather had been an awful one, and the salaryman was thankful for the little shade. As he was getting ready to eat however, an enormous presence had just walked past, nearly concealing him. It was Mrs. Fish Head...uh, Mrs. Tachibana. She was out shopping with some friends.

Mrs. Fish Head...uh, Mrs. Tachibana had been procrastinating for quite a bit over mundane things around the house. Her frustrations seemed to have multiplied with her age, though everybody in her family had more or less looked the same even after so many years. I didn't realise until much later that her children had been 17 and 14 respectively, and stayed those ages. Ah, one of the perks of getting stuck in an anime! 

The other day, the fish head...Mrs. Tachibana was spending some quality time with her friends, Mrs. Mizushima and Mrs. Toyama. I was rather taken aback by the sharp contrast from that, as Mrs. Tachibana had actually imposed on her family different cost-saving measures. Unless the high-tea set was free of charge, which would be too much of a tall story then. They looked just as surprised, though I had no idea why.

There was some hearsay of Mrs. Tachibana dreaming of becoming a celebrated flamenco dancer. Well, while nobody's dream should ever be deprived of, Mrs. Tachibana had looked awfully uncomfortable in that elaborate get-up. It was still pretty commendable though, in the comical sense. The fallen rose petals were later collected for a relaxing bath back home.

I once stumbled upon a dangerously close mugshot of Mrs. Tachibana along the sidewalk of a common street. Apparently, she had been chosen to grace some healthy lifestyle campaign for a supermarket. Her family was mostly supportive of the idea, even though it meant munching on greens and such for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Then, there was the unfortunate, near-tragic incident of the youngest son Yuzuhiko walking in to find his big sister Mikan talking on the phone while stripped down to only her undergarments. Nobody knew for sure what had happened after that, but Yuzuhiko's eyes were still working fine the last time I saw him.

It had been a nice experience dreaming of Atashinchi. It was even nicer laughing uncontrollably at just how ridiculously funny the Tachibana family could be. I wouldn't mind going through their lives again and again!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪ 

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