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Shrine and Temple in Tottori

Beside a scenic view of the sea is the Hakuto Shrine, which enshrines the spirit of a rabbit based on a famous myth. This rabbit is commonly known as the White Rabbit of Inaba, with Inaba being the name of the province that later became Tottori Prefecture.
The myth follows the rabbit on one of the Oki Islands, who wished to travel to the mainland. He bragged to the Wani (crocodiles) that the rabbit clan was larger than the crocodile clan, and to prove this, he suggested that all the Wani
The rabbit was on one of the Oki Islands which lie about fifty kilometers offshore, and he wished to travel to the mainland and so devised a plan. He bragged to the Wani that the rabbit clan was bigger than the Wani clan and to prove this, the Wani should line up and the rabbit would set off counting them each as he made his way towards the mainland. 
Unfortunately, the rabbit couldn't resist shouting "Ha! Fooled you!" before reaching the mainland and the enraged last Wani grabbed the rabbit in his jaws. The rabbit managed to escape but had his skin stripped away by the teeth of the Wani. 
This story is now interlocked with another myth: the Yasogami, which features 80 brothers who were by large, rather cruel. These brothers were on the way to meet the beautiful princess Yagami, who was to choose one of them to wed. Upon coming across the injured rabbit, they suggested that he should soak in the sea then stand in the wind, which would worsen the rabbit's condition. 

The kindhearted youngest brother, Okuninushi, came up from the rear while carrying his brothers' luggage and suggested that the rabbit should soak in freshwater then wrap itself with sedge grass. The healed rabbit then told Okuninushi that the princess would choose him, which she did, and this gained popularity as the first love story in Japan's ancient myths, hence contributing to Hakuto's shrine reputation for matchmaking.
This shrine is located right next to a road and is accessible without any hiking. It's definitely worth the time and effort to pay a visit to this shrine, especially if you are in the area. Apart from the shrine, you are also able to enjoy the beautiful sight of the coast!

For temples in Tottori prefecture, I will recommend Kiyomizu-dera, It is definitely smaller than the Kiyomizudera in Kyoto and less popular than the famous Kannon-in, but it has the perfect atmosphere of a temple.
The temple is a little off-ways of a side road and the main common area is atop a flight of stone steps.

There is a long stretch of Torii gates if you are the kind that has to go through Torii gates to feel like you're at a place of worship. At the end of the line of gates is a small shrine. However, this is not all that Kiyomizu-dera has to offer!
There is a pagoda if you walk further up the temple grounds! All the architectural beams and beams are intricately carved and arranged to form the shape of the pagoda.

In addition, you can even go up the pagoda if you happen to be there when the attending monk is present! You will have to check the timing before you go to Kiyomizu-dera as it changes based on the months though.
Be sure to check out these two places when you head to Tottori!

~ Reina-rin

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