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Anime in Japanese Commercials

Hisashiburi, minna-san~ 

It's been a while since I've been on here, but now that the holiday break is here, I'm excited to catch up on anime I've missed out during the busy period in school. Speaking of a break, what do you all think of commercial breaks? Boring? Unmotivated? A waste of time? Well, some commercials are actually entertaining and probes us to get the product they tried to promote so I guess its to each their own. 

With that being said, I have always been fascinated by Japanese commercials, and how they make use of their key skill--animation, to blend in together with their commercials. Some are simply just wacky, while some actually go to the extend to touch your heart. Let's take a look at some, starting with a rather fun one first. 

Dragon Ball Z promoting KFC:

There's just something funny yet awfully wholesome at how Goku yells "KENTUCKY". Also, I'm craving some fried chicken now so I guess this commercial was actually pretty impactful.

Speaking of KFC, anime also played its part in Macdonalds (WCDonald or Wacdonalds in the anime world) commercial. 

Macdonalds Commercial: 

It is the kind of short commercial that is condensed to look like a cute, slice-of-life anime series. Honestly, I wished I could see a series on this too. And the food, oh, forget Kentucky Fried Chicken, now I want some McWings.

The commercial got so much love from the audience that they even made a part 2 of it later on: 

The animation quality and music in the second part was emphasized so much more that even I got cheated into thinking I was watching an episode of an anime series. Besides that, many others have noticed how the kouhai-senpai relationship became more evident here, and they've started shipping them together. Needless to say, even I did too... To make the commercial even more interesting, they even asked the audience to spot the hidden Ronald Mcdonalds inside the commercial. Such an interactive and heartwarming commercial to advertise Macdonalds~

Now let's look at anime food commercials on a more sombre, yet also heartwarming manner. Here's one of the many Marukome Ryotei-No-Aji commercials:

I cried. I really cried at this. It reminded me of the relationship I have with my dad--it's not a bad relationship, it's just the type of relationship where we hardly talk to each other at all. And I guess it's significant in some father-daughter relationships. But this commercial really made me emotional, and the idea of food bringing the father and daughter together is something so simple, yet impactful. It's amazing how this commercial can make you feel in a span of just 90 seconds.

I highly suggest you to watch the other Marukome Ryotei-No-Aji commercials they have, they are all truly heartwaming and dare I say--cinematic.

Now, let's liven it up a little with my favourite anime in a commercial: Love Live! School Idol Project and Watering Kiss Mint: 

Honestly, I don't exactly know what a Watering Kiss Mint is, neither have I actually seen it during my visits to Japan, but hey, if it's Love Live, I'll take it. It's always a good time to be in the LL fandom. 

Okay, maybe too much food commercials here. So, we all know Makoto Shinkai and his stunning works (5 Centimetres Per Second, Kimi no Nawa, Weathering with You etc.), but did you all know he had commercials too? This is one of it to promote Z-Kai, an education company: 

Like, wow. Suddenly we all want to be educational. I'm just kidding. This Makoto Shinkai commercial definitely exceeds all commercial expectations. It has everything--the stunning visuals, characters, and an idea of a storyline. Just imagine how it would be like in a movie form.

We all enjoy anime, but anime in commercials deserve to be enjoyed the same as well. They allow us to laugh, cry and even feel something in just 1-2 minutes. 

To end it off, here's another commercial for LUX starring Hatsune Miku and a guest cameo.... Scarlett Johansson: 

So, do you have any favourite anime commercials of your own? 

Written by: kimizomi

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