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My Personal Collections : Rolitoland Safari Series Vinyl Figure, Capsule Station by Bandai, Ghost in the Shell, Hello Kitty Clock, Chumps Mini Series, Disney and Japanese Anime Gashapons, Final Fantasy 7 Cloud Daytona

cloud & hardy daytona by Square Enix

The Cloud Strife figure comes completed with the cool Daytona Bike and the Buster Sword. I took out the set and have a couple of nice shots with it. I'm amazed by the high workmanship of this figure. Love it!

Super Mario family of 5
luigi / yoshi / mario / gumba / toad

Disney Mini Gashapons Vol.5 Yujin
mickey mouse / the pooh / stitch / alice / genie

This set of gashapons are so cute. They are just about the height of my last finger. One of the many Disney series from Yujin.

C h u m p s Mini Series
I absolutely do not know these toys but I find them real cute and unique. They are actually from USA kidrobot. Upon opening the blind boxes (well actually I knew what I was buying because they circled the character), the figures were accompanied by some rather interesting stories about them. For eg, Billy Ray Riddle (left) was sentenced to 25 years to Life. No wonder he was donning the prisoner's outfit. And the chicken Yeznig Eskidjian AKA Yegg The Book is a Bookie/Fence. I do not really know what job he does, but I'm sure it isn't a prisoner because all prisoners will have an iron ball chained to their feet.

Hello Kitty Desktop Digital Clock
My girlfriend lamented that I'm becoming more The truth is I do not dislike Hello Kitty. I will purchase Kitty and Sanrio merchandise selectively. Firstly it must be of a High Quality. Secondly it must be functional and unqiue. This clock justify my purchase largely because I like the interactive LCD and Katagana words. Can I read them? Hmm I've got JLPT 3 cert. Gonna take my JLPT 2 soon, maybe this year end or next :) so the answer is YES! and looking forward to my next trip to Japan this year end!

Mr Potato by Disney Sega
Very adorable Plushie. I always wanted to get this because it looks like my father. :)
I bought it at a bargain from

Colourful "Eggs"
I love those Gashapon machines. This is the extend of my damage inflicted in a day at China Square Central. Sometimes I turn too much that passer-bys just look at me like some weirdo or drug addict (or rather overgrown toy addict). Hey not that I'm trying to steal from those machines why stare at me like that...I've heard stories like "professionals" use torchlight to shine into the machine. However I haven't attain that level yet but if you guys should have an organised outing to turn gashapons, do drop me a msg. At least I can drive you guys around in Singapore.. lol..

Shopping Spree at China Square Central on 8th June 08
As usual I brought along $1 coin to feed those hungry Gasphapon machines. I was particularly interested in the Disney mini-Gashapon machines. Also grabbed some Disney PVC key holders and other stuffs.

This figurine is neat and the packaging is nice. The box claimed the wobbler is luminous at night but I doubt so. Maybe my room isn't as dark as the Brunei Jungle....

This orange Capsule Machine is a birthday present from my girlfriend. It has very bright orange and yellow colours with "eggs" inside. Drop in a 50cents coin and it actually despatches out an egg. How big is this thing? Well...about 25% of the Gashapon Machines you see everywhere. Maybe next year I'll asked her to get me a WHITE one for my birthday :)P

Unknown brand PVC camera from China
They are so-called gashapons from the island wide machines you see in coffeeshops and 7-11s. These are mini mini cameras about the size of a thumb but fatter. Peek into the viewfinder you actually see slides of naked women....just kidding it, just shows pokemon or other unknown cartoons....see.... I also collect rubbish toys

Rolitoland Safari Series Vinyl Figure Set
Mayo & Little Sarah. These are designer toy figures made in US. Probably my very first collection of toys from US. I like the cute girl with the nice hairdo. Sometimes my purchase habits have something to do with colours. I'm probably attracted to the nice colours and high quality workmanship of this set.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Trigun Kubricks

Ghost in the Shell

That's it for my review of my collections for now. See here for the more of my collections.


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