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Loots on One Piece Chopper Man, Final Fantasy, Dragonball Z, Super Sonic, Pokemon, Astroboy, Naruto, Totoro, Disney Columbus Tumblers

Welcome to my loots page. These are some of my toys collections that I have amassed as early as year 2000. Take some time to browse through them. Have you favourite cup of beverage ready..

This is a miniature version of Arcade Game machine as part of Epoch Stage 3 Gashapon Figures. They are rare now. Even some of them won't work anymore as the old battery had set in and damaged the internals of the devices. Luckily majority of them are still playable after I replaced them with new batteries.

There is a knob that shifts left and right and three very small buttons.

 It uses a mini LR44 cell battery.

As illustrated, there is a set of 6 Arcade machines with the following games : Shinobi Wars, Ball Pass, Sand War, Clash Air Hockey, Moon War and Space Tennis. Some does sound like the movie from "Independence Day".

It is hard to see the gameplay here because the technology then only offers black-and-white screen and the screen is not Samsung "AMOLED". Because of that, it adds to the "Retro" element of this miniature Arcade Game. I tried playing on a few of them and one of gameplay actually got me playing for about 20 minutes. It's more of a display item than for one to actually play on it because it can get boring real quick. Thanks Epoch for making me reminisce the good old days of playing with simple game consoles.

 Sonic the hedgehog kubricks want to join in the fun.

Giant Nightmare Before Christmas Bag, Cover, Coffin? I can't even describle exactly the term for this. This coffin-shaped "thing" is about 50cm long 8cm thick. It can certainly store a lot of stuffs through its circular opening somewhere in the centre. But I didn't put anything in there. I love the vibrant colours and workmanship. Maybe I should start storing my smaller NMBC merchandise in there as my space is getting more and more scarce.

One of my favourite Lighter Collections. This is the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Cloudy Wolf Lighter. It features a wolf-designed logo on the lighter.

Winnie The Pooh Disney Tumbler. Set of 3. Aren't they adorable? Look at what baby pooh has on its head.... :)

Disney Cheshire Cats. Naughty, bad...but you are cute........! why are you in prison clothings?

Winnie the Pooh Finger Ring. Very cute ring. I've bought a few of them.

My White Gameboy Advance console still in excellent condition! Actually toys collection is not my only passion. My other passion is gadgets. For games, I'm using my Black Sony PSP. My wishlist now is to get a DSLR camera in the near future. Maybe a Nikon D series of Canon DSLR. Boy, they look so stylish and it makes you look like a professional photographer!

Another NMBC collection. I can't recall when and where did I buy this....

Mini Pokemon Pez from Bandai Japan. When I said mini, it's literally mini....only about 4cm in height. Not your regular size Pez, which makes them all the more unique!

Another one of my favourite Gashapons! Nightmare Before Christmas set of 5 figurines by Yujin. I got it as a set instead of turning them individually. I think it cost about SGD3 each. It requires some minor assembly and it looks great upon completion. I love the "tree" the most.

This should be my Top best-looking Lighter. The lighter, Squall's Gunblade and the rocky base from Final Fantasy VIII 8. This one packs a punch at 455g. It has a solid feel and it looks great under the spotlight.

This is a Nightmare before Christmas Kubrick from Medicom

Pins Collection

Ein from Cowboy Bebop in the middle.

Sanrio Pom Pom Purin and Sheep Pin

Mario Pin

Doraemon Crystal Light Mini- Figurine. A button below allows you to push and the light changes in colour.

One Piece Boat. Get on board Luffy, Tony Tony choppers and Nami. We are sailing into the blue horizon!

Pins Collection- Part 2

Final Fantasy X mini figures. There is Lulu with moogle, Yuna, Riku, Tidus, Seymour and King Kahri. I love the soundtrack of FF10 by Nobuo Uematsu. They sound so tranquil yet melancholic at times. Do you like the music too?

Cute Disney Rubber Key holders Gashapons. Marie, Stitch, Winnie The Pooh, Piglet, Minnie & Mickey Mouse. I bought these from the usual flea market in China Square Central. I wrote about the myriad of stalls in China Square Central here.

Totoro My Neigbor Lapel Pins from Studio Ghibli. One of my favourite Japanese Anime. :)

Rare Sailormoon Pretty Soldier Japanese Anime Lapel Pins.

Final Fantasy X-2 Figurine Keychain Set of 5 from Japan!

...more figurines from Final Fantasy VIII 8. The cactus behind Rinoa Heartily is cute!

Saint Seiya Anime Figurines..

Disney Gashapons Figures with moving eyes! Very cute! I like Tinkerbell and Pinocchio the most :)

Coming from Square Enix.. A force consisting of Cloud Strife (Advent Children), Penelo & Vaan (FFXII), Classic Yuna (FFX-2) holding 2 guns and Rinoa Heartily (FFVIII). They don't usually mix the series and sell them but this time's is different. Nevertheless I still adore collecting them!

Disney Mascot Totems Gashapons from different series. They are super cute and stackable!

One Piece Japanese Anime Phonestrap. Made of metal. Nice collectibles, nice packaging!
A rare Astroboy figures I bought years ago in Hong Kong. They have transparent bodies with light colours. Very unique! More of Astroboy here.

Yu Yu Hakusho Japanese Anime Phone straps set of 4.

Dr. Slump Figures in Blister Pack.

More collectibles from Saint Seiya and Dragonball!

Naruto watch with colourful strap. I like the one with Gaara The Desert. One thing I've like to mention is that when you are collecting watches, do remember to pull out the knob at the side so that it stops and time stand stills. This is to prevent over draining the battery life.

 A pretty set of Gold-Trimmed Saint Seiya Pins

 Three Disney Pins which I bought in Disneyland Hong Kong

 Disney Lovers Pair. They look so peaceful sharing a log.

This is a boxset of 12 Dragonball Z x One Piece Chopper Man 40th Weekly Jump Collaboration. Produced in 2008 of which I had bought in Hong Kong.

This is a secret piece.

And a second secret piece.

Sanrio "Wedding Party" magnets from Bandai.

One of my favourite here is Tuxedosam, which I grew up with.

Doraemon keychain figurines from Bandai.

Another set which features Doraemon figurines in a Doraemon pod.

Bleach mini-figurines set.

This is an adorable set of Disney Columbus Tumblers Series. There are just 3.5cm tall. They are like characters without limbs.

Beautiful set of 5 Disney BABEKUB characters. They resemble kubricks, only much bigger. I still keep them in their blister cases.

 Next up, a rare deck of Final Fantasy IX Poker Cards.

That's all for me guys. More of my collections here in this post.

Written by Max

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