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Catching up: A piece of eroge that I ordered on carousell...

It’s not everyday that I can remember a dream when I wake up. This dream I had is certainly different than what I’m used to. It was surprisingly… normal. I don’t mean the content but the setting itself. The environment. It’s based on reality. Yes, most of my dreams are crazy. Ranging me falling off a building to my doom, being chased around by some ghost or realizing that I’ve become a mouse that is being chase around by a cat. But then again your brain isn’t perfect. You can't really recall the exact thing that happened so it fills up the gaps for you and most of it favours you. Oh yeah, the dream. The dream I had was me explaining to a group of friends that I was married and had two daughters. Haha.. What a joke! Me, married?! Impossible! I am aiming to reach 30, single, in order to become a wizard!

Anyway, jokes aside. Here’s another catching up post. If you guys could have guess, the title above isn't true. I did not buy an eroge on carousell. I don't even know if they actually sell those there and I’m not going to search for it…

Lets see here...

The first "piece" (terrible pun intended) of the title is One Piece (again). Yes, I’ve been watching One Piece recently after rekindling an interest in it a few weeks back. I’ve re-watch those that I’ve seen and continued on to beginning of the New World Saga. Around episode 522. 

Gotta admit, this part was quite cool when I read it in the manga...
But I’ve read till chapter 800 for the manga and stop both watching and my reading there. Not gonna continue for a while as there are other series and manga that have piled up to both read and watch and there are many more for me to discover. I’m not saying I’m stopping cause it’s boring but I rather watch or read stuff in one go. Much like how I’m pausing on reading Mushoku Tensei at volume 14 or maybe I’ve read till 19… I can’t remember… 

Glorious upbringing...
Oh well. I just have to read it again. But it kinda sucks since I have a vague idea of how the ending is going to be. Which is both great as I want it to be that way and sad as that’s how it’s going to end. I really want to read it now but then it’ll end. ARGH!!

The second part is "eroge". Yup, I took eroge from Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. I re-watch OreImo again. That wincest anime, you… Why? Cos I was yearning to see my lovely angel Ayase-tan, that’s why… And also because I was listening to ClariS and then I thought of OreImo. Definitely not Nisekoi. I still can’t believe he chose his sister over the other girls. Come on! Ayase confessed to you, Kuroneko was waifu material. Heck, I even wanted Kanako in the running! Sorry, sorry. It's 2015 and I’m still all hung up about that. What an idiot!

Third part is "ordered" and I got that from Big Order. I just recently pick up reading this manga. Quite a interesting read. A Code GeassXMirai NikkiX(some other anime that escapes me at the moment) type of story. 

There is a resemblance there for MC, as well as the heroine's personality.. sort of..
The first part of the story arc was nice but then things kind of went slightly downhill. I would’ve preferred it to just fully focus on him conquering the world but they had to bring the father in. Just stay dead already.

The final part is "carousell". Yes, that mobile buying selling app from where I’m at. I recently bought myself two Kingblade X10 ii light sticks for concerts. 

I bought both the smoke and shining and enjoying it at my own make believe concerts in front of the TV... (P.S. - That's not me holding the light sticks. Just for clarification that I didn't go to Japan...)
Yes, I indeed bought it to gear myself up for the Aoi Eir concert but there are just multiple tiny problems that are floating around so yeah… But nevertheless, there’s still AFA15, which I really, REALLY hope I can go. Especially on the third day as there is a nano concert! YES!!! It’s here! I’ve set aside money for the VIP seating ticket just for it. So I really hope I can go on that day.

Bet you guys couldn’t guess the content from that title. Hah!

School term’s starting in another week and I’ve gotta prepare for my final semester before FREEDOM, not. Haiz… I really hope I can become a wizard…

Mata ne~

Written by Zwei


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