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Sukitte Ii na yo (Say “I Love You”) live-action movie in 2014!

Those who love the anime "Sukitte Ii na yo" , great news for you! It will be out as a LIVE-ACTION MOVIE next year!
Sukitte Ii na yo which was launched in 2008 is a shoujo manga by Kanae Hazuki. The manga had approximately 5 million copies in print in Japan and was a bit hit. It was adapted into a TV anime series last year.
For those who have not watched it, I recommend you to start watching it now!

Here's a summary of the anime:

Tachibana Mei has not dated anyone before for the past 16 years, not only that, she also believes that there is no need to have friends.One day, she misunderstood the popular Kurosawa Yamato as a pervert and injures him. However, for some reason, he took an interest in her and tries hard to befriend Mei. Interested in knowing more? Watch the anime! Telling you any more would be a spoiler~.

(From left to right: Muto Aiko, Tachibana Mei, Kurosawa Yamato, Oikawa Asami, Nakanishi Kenji)

The main characters
Tachibana Mei
Tachibana Mei is the protagonist in the anime. She is known to be anti-social due to her quietness and does not trust anyone.
Tachibana Mei was voiced by Kayano Ai who was also the voice actor for many other series such as the recent Valvrave the Liberator as Aina Sakurai.

Chino love clothes

Kurosawa Yamato
Kurosawa Yamato is also the protagonist in the anime. He is popular in school mainly because of his good looks and outgoing character. He took an interest to Mei and kissed her.
Kurosawa Yamato was voiced by Sakurai Takahiro who has been a voice actor since 1996 ( That's 17 years! ). He also voiced in the recent anime Inu to Hasami Wa Tsukaiyou as Kazuhito Harumi.

Oikawa Asami
Oikawa Asami is Mei's classmate and is always made fun of by others because of her large chest. She looks up to Yamato for defending her when her classmates were teasing her about her chest back in middle school.
Oikawa Asami was voiced by Taneda Risa. Her voice acting career start only in 2012 but she has already voiced almost 15 characters.

Nakanishi Kenji
Nakanishi Kenji is Mei's classmate as well as Yamato's good friend. He was the one who caused Yamato to be mistaken as a pervert by Mei. However he has a big crush on Asami and likes her for who she is.
Nakanishi Kenji was voiced by Shimazaki Nobunaga who also voiced in the recent anime, Free! as Nanase Haruka.

Muto Aiko
Muto Aiko is a classmate of Yamato and had a crush on him after he told her that she was beautiful. She goes to the extreme to make herself look pretty for her boyfriends.
Muto Aiko was voiced by Uchiyama Yumi. She did not voice much characters this year, but back in 2012 she voiced a total of 13 characters including Muto Aiko.

Kitagawa Megumi
Kitagawa Megumi is a transfer student who is also an amateur model. She acts nice and innocent infront of others but she actually wants to steal Yamato away from Mei.
Kitagawa Megumi was voiced by Kotobuki Minako. On top of being a voice actor, she also performs opening and ending themes for animes and also acted in a film called Chikyuu ga ugoita Hi ( The day the Earth moved ) before she started her voice acting career. One of the most popular role she took was Tsumugi Kotobuki from K-ON!


Takemura Kai
Takemura Kai is Yamato's old  friend who was always bullied. He is also a regular customer at the bakery shop Mei works at.
Takemura Kai was voiced by Maeno Tomoaki who take on many different type of roles including the role of  Camus in the popular Uta No Prince-Sama! as well as Yummy Kamakiri in Kamen Rider OOO. He even does dubbing for english movies or dramas.


Arai Miki
Arai Miki is rumored to be Yamato's crush as she is the only girl he has not kissed in school. She has a crush on Yamato and constant tries to flirt with him.
Arai Miki was voiced by Hayami Saori> With a cute voice, she takes on roles of cute characters such as Azuki Miho in the mangaka anime Bakuman! She even voiced in many games such as the recently imported to Singapore, Tales of Xilia english version.

That's all the information for now, we will post further news regarding the movie coming up next year do look out for it!

Written by Karin

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