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Love Live SIF Transform Your Best Cards Into Figures!

To All,

Greetings! It's Reina-rin again. As most of you know, I'm an avid figure collector and the recent burst in Alter figures and the Birthday Project gives me hope for the UR cards being made into figures! For today, I'll be discussing about the UR cards of the 9 girls I want the most from Love Live! I'll be judging mainly by looks (not by skills or stats) and will be  presenting 3 cards each for everyone. Let's enjoy my last post of the year with my favorite game of this year!

Love Live School Idol Festival (LLSIF) has been one of my first 5 mobile rhythm games and I've grown quite fond of it. LLSIF has been running for a few years and continue to be really popular, running many sub-versions like English, Chinese and Korean.

I am only playing the Japanese and English versions and I do not intend to go into other versions as I'm also committing to playing Idolm@ster Starlight Stage. For android users who wish to download the English LLSIF, you can find it on Google Play Store here; or download the apk for the Japanese LLSIF here. Also this is the site I use for most information I need about LLSIF. Up till now, it has always been regularly updated and provides me with a comprehensive guide for most gameplay tactics and information about the various cards.

Now, this article is not a tutorial on how to get started for LLSIF but to discuss which are the cards you want the most in LLSIF. Like mentioned before, I would be focusing mainly on UR cards, but if you wish to share your favorite cards, they need not be UR (even R and SR would be perfectly fine!)

Printemps is a sub group consisting of Kousaka Honoka, Minami Kotori and Koizumi Hanayo. This is my favorite sub-group in Love Live! as my three best girls are in it (sorry for being biased). It's really convenient for me that my top three are in the same group as it makes my wallet less threatened when I get Love Live! items since I only focus on Kotori (or Printemps, to an extent).

Kousaka Honoka
1) Wedding/June Version Idolized
This is my most wanted Honk card in the whole range LLSIF offers. Sadly, I have really bad scouting luck for cards I like, so I don't even have a single copy of her yet. To think I need 2 of the same copy to idolize...

2) New Year/January Version Idolized
I have a copy of this card Unidolized in my Japanese LLSIF and I must say that stats and skills wise, she's so strong that I have no complains. I'm also pleased with only one, but if I had a choice, I would definitely like to idolize her!

3) Animal Version Unidolized
Somehow, as a new UR card that was recently released in the Japanese Version only, her design has quickly caught my heart. This card gives me a really Honoka-in-her-free-time feeling. I can't exactly put this feeling to words but to me what she's doing in this card, and her expression -- all of it, is indisputably something Honk would do!

Minami Kotori
1) Job Version Idolized
I'm already very pleased with the Kotori Figure Alter has produced, but this is my favorite UR card for Kotori. Sadly, I love all 3 cards I have chosen for Kotori equally hence I won't be able to have any sequence for them. For this job version, I only have one copy so I'm unable to idolize her... yet.

2) Job Version Unidolized
As this is the Unidolized version of the Kotori UR card above, I have this card, and it'll be really nice to get a figure of a card I already own! (And spare me, but just look at those thighs in that outfit!)

3) Ball Version Unidolized
As much as I'm not a fan of the Idolized version of her UR, this Unidolized version has totally swept me off my feet when I first saw her in the Japanese LLSIF recently! I'd love to own a copy of this sweet card both in game and in real life! Though I did have quite a bit of deliberation to put this or her China Dress version as my third card.

Koizumi Hanayo
1) Flower Viewing/March Version Idolized
I'm in love with the colors here! The Sakura petals in the background enhances her beauty. Truly, it's such a beautiful sight to behold. (If only I can meet her like this in real life! It would be such an awesome starting scene for a visual novel~)

2) White Day Version Idolized
The White Day series' SRs generally do not appeal to me because their outfit is so detailed and has so much going on that for me, I feel like it draws away from the girl itself. However with this UR, with a nice calming background with soothing colors, I'm able to appreciate the outfit so much better.

3) Candy/November Version Idolized
There's something just so alluring about the larger sized sweets (or is it just the angle) and Hanayo there as if she's the fairy bringing me candy. Maybe it's biasness because I have a sweet tooth.

Lily white
Similar to Printemps, Lily white is also a sub-group consisting of three girls -- namely, Sonoda Umi, Toujou Nozomi and Hoshizora Rin. This group gave me the most problems when it came to choosing cards but I've overcame the challenge and narrowed it down to three cards per girl, as I promised I would. Let's go on to propose the choies.

Sonoda Umi
1)  New Year/January Version Idolized
There's simply that something about traditional clothes that I just adore and that might be the reason why I love this particular UR of Umi. Don't get me wrong, I do feel that most of Umi's cards are really pretty -- in fact I find that her ratio of UR cards I find pretty is the highest out of all 9 girls. Her cards always has such beautiful and detailed backgrounds to compliment her!

2) Marine Version Idolized
To me, most of Umi's cards have her in a shy or embarrassed expression with this half-mast eyes. I'm not a fan of her half-mast eyes, so I generally pull away from her cards with that look. However, I like her expression in this card. She really seems to be energetic, passionate and having a lot of fun.

3) April Version Idolized
I had so much trouble choosing between this card and her Cafe Maid version but I decided to go with this in the end since I already have the New Year version where Umi is on a plush couch already,

Toujou Nozomi
1) Ball Version Idolized
I knew I was in love with her design ever since I saw her on the scouting page in LLSIF. Sadly, this is yet another card which I prefer the Idolized to the Unidolized version, making it really hard for me to get it.

2) Halloween Version Idolized
I love her Halloween Version Unidolized but I don't think that would look very impressive as a figure, so I'll choose her Idolized version instead. Her swing really adds to this illustration, but I'm unsure how the figure companies would ever execute this.

3) Mermaid/July Version Idolized
I must admit that I am not a fan of this line at all, but Non-tan's Mermaid UR really makes me go "wow". I think it's partially due to the angle at which her body is twisted at which makes this card so much more alluring.

Hoshizora Rin
1) Flower Viewing/March Version Idolized
Similar to Hanayo's Flower Viewing version, I love the colors in this version of Rin's card as well. It makes her look more peaceful, waiting patiently for me to take her hand  I love Rin's cards with her having a calm expression on. It sets those cards apart from her usual energetic and playful expressions!

2) Constellation Version Idolized 
The Constellation version's outfit always holds a special place in my heart. I love the cape and I love how it spreads out behind Rin. It makes her look like she's running towards me as fast as she can. And the background for this card, oh- need I say more?

3) Valentine's/February Version Idolized
As pretty as the background is in this picture, Rin herself is also very beautiful. I never knew how well red and yellow looked on her before this!

BiBi is the remaining sub-group I have yet to cover so far. If you are familiar with the 9 girls in Love Live! you will know that the last three girls I have left are -- Nishikino Maki, Ayase Eli and Yazawa Nico. And finally, I will be sharing my top three best UR cards for each of them!

Nishikino Maki
1) Magician Version Unidolized
Maki with a ponytail makes her look so cool! I believe that her ponytail hairstyle is one of the best she has, or is it just me? The slight embarrassed and surprised expression is to-die-for as well! I really love her outfit here too! The smart casual and black panty-stockings go so well together~ It's really a cool yet cute side of Maki captured in this one card! I'll love to see how much of this can be captured in a full sized figure!

2) Valentine's/February Version Idolized
If you've read Nozomi's section, you would have known how much I love this line and their swings. This Maki is no exception. Given that red does of course look nice on Maki, I never knew that brown and gold (on the floor tiles) would go so well with her color scheme as well.

3) Animal Version Unidolized
The URs from this line really give off the feeling that I'm catching them in their leisure time. If the dogs are included in the figure, I'll definitely be buying her!

Ayase Eli
1) Seven Lucky Gods Version Idolized
I love the outfit in this series. Traditional Chinese and Japanese clothes must be my top two favorite traditional outfits! The way that Eli seems magical and strangely fantastic as well!

2) Job Version Idolized
Here is the best Phantom Thief in Love Live! Would anyone like to have his or her heart stolen away by Eli? Back to the card itself, her outfit makes her look mysterious and she seems to be chuckling while glancing back and urging you to catch her while laughing because you can't (or can't bear to~?).

3) Wedding/June Version Idolized
Such an amazing card!I like the frills at the bottom of the dress as well as the veil.Considering how many figures with wedding outfits have been out on the market so far I won't be surprised if Love Live!'s wedding line gets picked up too. In fact, I hope it gets picked up. Can any company out there please make them all?

Yazawa Nico
1) Seven Lucky Gods Version Idolized
This is definitely my most wanted UR card of Nico and I hope I can at least get 1 copy when she comes out for scouting after the current Nico token event on English LLSIF! The outfit looks really nice on her, and I like her expression and how she is 

2. Seven Lucky Gods Version Unidolized
Did I ever mention how much I like traditional Japanese clothing? Also, seeing how much I was raving over Nico's SLG Idolized Version, you could have guessed that I'm very much into her Unidolized version as well, and here it is!

3) China Dress Version Idolized
I like her pose and style in this illustration. Of course, I like Kotori's matching UR card as well but her Ball Version took my attention away from that. If this Nico is made into a figure, I hope the same figure company would announce a figure of the matching Kotori's China Dress version as well!

So this concludes some of my favorite cards which I would like to see figures of from LLSIF. Did any of them overlap with your top choices as well? Feel free to share with me which are your favorite cards from LLSIF and which of them would you really want to see figures of!

To all the readers out there, Happy New Year! Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy post. (Wow, it's actually over two thousand words long!) And I hope that everyone here would be able to get the cards that they want!

(Note: All character images are taken from Love Live's decaf website which are also official game images compiled by players of LLSIF. All sub-group (album covers) and icon pictures are taken directly from the official game itself.)

From Your Fellow Gamer,

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