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Loots from Anime Matsuri ~ Ninetylives

Arr you ready kids? 
Aye aye Captain! 

Ooookay sorry about that. 

So, lagging behind on the posts about anime matsuri, here's finally my post on what I got from the event! Drumroll please. 

I don't have an overall view of everything I've bought, so I'll just jump right in. First off, from one of the vendors on the first floor I bought a tiny figurine of Mitobe! It's my first figurine ever (I'm sorry husband). There was Kagami, Kuroko, Mitobe, and a couple of others, but out of all of them I like Mitobe best. 

Mitobe came in a box with his jersey printed on one size, how cute is that. 

i will free you!

dont worry i'll fix you!
all done!

After that I waded through the crowd and headed upstairs to the fan booths, and there's where the bulk of my merchandise purchase came from. 

Tadah! Double sided Bleach keychains! Grimmjow, Hisagi, and Gin! Aren't they just absolutely gorgeous? I spent ages at this booth trying to decide who to pick. After choosing my keychains I felt unfair to the rest and picked Urahara and Hitsugaya badges to accompany them. 

At another booth I got more badges. More badges meaning the entire badge set of Kuroko no Basuke that the artist was selling. Looooook. It's positively adorable. I couldn't resist at all. 

The GoM and their ahem, sidekicks, and there was Nigou as well! Akashi remains the solo boss though.

all my babies
loud sigh
aw yisss
And then I got some other mini badges as well, four cats from Monster Hunter, Sebas-chan (Kuroshitsuji), and Sanji (One Piece). Sanji is my favorite dude out of all the characters, mainly because he's the chef. You'll never ever run out of good food. I couldn't decide between all the different cat expressions the artist had for sale (again, decisions decisions), so I closed my eyes and randomly selected four. 

You would think after all these badges I'd have had enough, but no. Here comes two more! I actually have no idea where they are from, but it doesn't matter. Cute badges are cute badges, so goodbye money, and hello honey! Or honeys, in this case. Did you laugh? I laughed. Okay sorry, I'll move on.

Up next I spotted an art booth, so I went ahead and picked a few sketches, because they looked really awesome.

And more art pieces! A whole series of the Dragon Nest characters! The artwork is gorgeous, and I simply had to purchase the entire set. The artist was really friendly too. I thought the artwork was awesome on its own until my friend told me that the artist also had stats and descriptions printed on the back! So I took the effort and scanned them in as well. 

open image in a new tab to see them it their full glory!

I would consider the Dragon Nest series my best purchase, but.. 

A Sakuya Poster! She's cosplaying as the Undertaker from Kurokoshitsuji in this poster. I absolutely love this. I also managed to get a photocard of her as Kakashi from Naruto! Whoo~ The scans don't do justice to the real deal, but I tried. ): 

That's all from me and my wallet. I hope you enjoyed it and here's a Mitobe to end off! 

bye bye!

Written by: ninetylives

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