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Boku to Furusato Restaurant

Some of the most glittering gems are discovered either by accident, or in the case of 'Boku to Furusato Restaurant' through sheer determination infused with a stroke of fine luck. The obstacles of wanting so badly to read that manga have since vanished into thin air. I continue to be in awe of the wonders of modern technology. Before I go all mushy about my appreciation for what made that dream come true, let's swerve to the subject proper: Once again, the manga in question is 'Boku to Furusato Restaurant' by mangaka Fujiwara Yuu. The front cover art of the first tankoubon features a delicious-looking chicken. You could say that it was one of the reasons why I had wanted so badly to read the manga in the first place. Anyway, moving on...

The bespectacled boy in the middle is high school freshman turned hikikomori Tomaru Harukaze, otherwise known as the painfully shy protagonist. Poor Harukaze had suffered a great deal of bullying since childhood, largely attributed to his name - 'Tomaru Harukaze' literally means 'Stop the spring wind'...I can't imagine what went into his parents while they were thinking of their son's name. The trauma eventually led to Harukaze skipping school completely which worried his mother. She later decided to send him to his maternal grandparents at the countryside. Harukaze's (mis)adventures would begin from then on.

I like how there are mushrooms growing on and around Harukaze. I would love to pick those mushrooms for a pot of cream soup...that is, if nobody is worried of return trips to the washroom or something. The first chapter actually starts with Harukaze brooding over his fate on the pasture overlooking the river behind Bell Restaurant where he would be waiting tables and such. He had dashed out in fear, not quite capable of handling the situation. Three days ago, Harukaze was finally in the cab down to his grandparents' without grappling much of their existence (?) since his mother didn't mention anything before. Anyway, his grandmother is extremely tech-savvy and the one who had actually contacted the restaurant to come pick Harukaze who remained under the cover the following day he was due for his new job that he knew nothing about.

The kind-hearted (?) souls who picked him up are Inoue Jun and Satou Kantarou. Like Harukaze, Kantarou is a high school freshman. To Kantarou's delight, the restaurant owner Tanaka Keigo refers him as Harukaze's senpai since he had started three months prior. Kantarou is cheerful, rather clumsy, and protective of Harukaze. On the other hand, Jun is in charge of training new staff. He comes across as intimidating to Harukaze who then goes through some really quick and naturally disastrous training before waiting in the hall (more like being pushed). The hundred bowls of udon on the 'Handy' for some reason just kill me!

However, the nightmare has just started for Harukaze who is becoming more overwhelmed by his surroundings that he conveniently (?) spurts blood out of his nose and faints, to the shock of the diners and the bemusement of Jun, Kantarou and Keigo. Poor Harukaze...what will become of him in his future with Bell Restaurant? I'm so tickled by this series! The artwork of Fujiwara-sensei is nothing short of schweet. By the way, there is omu rice in the second chapter! Gosh, I wish that I could have some right now...I'm eating Chicken Rice for dinner. Relax, the chicken didn't come from that front cover.

I can't wait to savour the rest of the manga! I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a little something different yet easily relatable.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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