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Manga: Naruto

Hello fellow nerds!

I'm pretty sure that by now you should have heard the news.. Naruto is ending in a month! Which means just a few more chapters to go. Honestly right now I don't know what to feel. I just caught up with the latest chapter and to me the sequence of the battles are rather messed up.

We had Obito as the villain, and then it cut to Madara, and suddenly, bam! Kaguya. I felt the Obito Madara battles were very drawn out, and Kaguya's ending was a little anti climatic. Although I must say, Sakura was finally of some help at the end.

The latest chapter ends with a battle scene between Sasuke and Naruto, and it might be just me, but I'm feeling very confused about everything. Sasuke wants to be Hokage, Naruto wants to be Hokage, Hokage means different things to them.. What? I can't keep up.

I also felt that the pacing was really weird, there were quite a number of comedy panels placed in serious situations, which threw me off balance. Like when they were showing the 'dreams' of Rookie Nine, for example. I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry.

In any case, since Naruto is coming to an end soon, here's my top 5 Naruto moments that killed my heart, in no particular order.

1: The deaths.

Literally all the deaths. Itachi's hit the hardest, since he died TWICE. Also note that I really really adore Itachi. Jiraiya's death was terrible too, along with Minato and Kushina's sacrifice. )': Neji's death hurt a lot as well, I seriously think Hinata should have died instead of Neji. (She's useless.)

 I labelled all the deaths as one point because with all these deaths happening I might go up to more ten points. I'm serious.

2: Itachi's revelation.

This is referring to the part where Itachi reveals the Uchiha Clan's 'secret' and the whole backstory on the Uchiha massacre. No joke, I bawled my eyes out at the pain Itachi must have felt killing off his parents. When he cried, that was just goodbye to me. Also at the part when Sasuke thought Itachi was going to dig his eyes out, and then all Itachi did was poke his forehead and say, "This is the last time, Sauske."

I cried a river, which will probably accumulate into at least a lake.

3: Naruto meets his parents.

Oh Jesus, nothing else needs to be said. Kushina meeting Naruto and then all the tears and her making sure he's living well, along with the recent Minato interaction and welp, just take my heart already. Can you just imagine the joy Naruto must have felt? I would say his biggest dream (other than becoming Hokage) is to meet his parents in real life.

this was hella funny tho

4: Kakashi's revival + Kakashi in general

Okay, okay, this has its own point instead of being lumped in with all the deaths, since Kakashi gets revived soon after. I originally thought Kakashi was gone for good, and I just couldn't take it. I can't list him down as my favourite character in Naruto, since I have a giant list of favourite characters. But Kakashi is definitely listed quite high up. And well, the little talk with his dad, and then the dad saying it's not Kakashi's time to go. Ooh boy.

Also, Kakashi's backstory in general. The whole rivalry with Obito, and him getting his Sharingan, and Rin dying, and the suffering he went through, the guilt he carried with him. Why do you torture him so, Kishi sensei? (In the process torturing me.)

cue ripping of the tearducts

kakashi please don't cry 

5: Sasuke and Naruto's fights.

Note, not a typo. Yes, fights, plural. All of their fights hurt me, because Naruto will launch into another of his speeches about bringing Sasuke back, and Sasuke will deny him, and Naruto will get beaten up, and Sasuke will escape and the whole thing repeats itself the next time they meet.

they are meant to be, dammit!
Now I'm just waiting to see how Kishi sensei will end the manga.. I hope that it's going to end well. Maybe Kakashi will be Hokage instead of either of Naruto or Sasuke. I still like the alternate universes where Naruto is Hokage and Sasuke becomes his head Anbu. At least they have to reconcile! That's a  must. A MUST.

Sigh, I can only hope.

Written by: ninetylives

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