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Utattemita (the male edition)

Hello there everyone!

What is this funky title?! I bet that's what you're all asking, right? 歌ってみた何ですか? (What is utattemita?) No worries, Nana is here to give you a utattemita crash course and share a teeny tiny bit of her jukebox picks~ (^o^)/

Utattemita is a Japanese term which literally means "tried to sing". It is a category where utaite upload covers of various songs (most popularly for Vocaloid). Utaites are people on Nico Nico Douga who cover previously released songs! Some utaite have even released albums under official labels!

Some utaite avatars

Utaite have their own online avatars; you'll be hard pressed to find one that reveals his or her face! Even when they upload selfies on social media sites like Twitter, their phones or a graphic is almost always completely obscuring their faces.

If you find the music of Vocaloid too synthesized, covers by utaite are the closest alternative! I'll be sharing a few of my favourites by male utaite~!

"Magnet" clear and Dasoku
Magnet is the first Vocaloid song I listened to and one of my favourites while clear and Dasoku are some of my favourite male utaite! clear has a nice clear (pun fully intended) voice while in contrast Dasoku's voice is lazier and deeper, just my type!

"WAVE" Kanseru
Also known as KanzentaiCell, Kanseru is my all-time favourite male utaite! His voice is deep and cool, and he is one of the few singers who can make my heart go doki-doki with his voice alone *_* Although I have a lot of songs I love by him, if I had to pick one I'll probably go with this!

"HYBRID" kradness
His high voice bordering on the edge of sounding female, kradness has some powerful pipes that he enhances with autotune! Yes, generous autotune. Surprisingly, he sounds really good, especially when his songs are of the electronic rock sort.

"Can You Hear Me?" clear
Last but not least is another one from clear~ This comes from the utaite winter album and it's concidentally the year end now! Here you can hear his clean voice seranading to you the perfect song to gaze at the winter landscape to~

Despite a loyal following on Nico Nico as well as Youtube, none of these utaite have showed their faces to the public! It doesn't matter much to me though, as long as they continue sharing their singing, I'm a happy fan!

Written by Nana

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