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Naruto: Live Spectacle - Part 2!

Hello everyone! It's another N:LS post! I'll be talking about different things with regards to the performance and official merchandise but you can check out ninetylives' post here~ I'll also be using images from my programme book!

I was sitting on the right side of the theatre, pretty close to the stage! Initially I wanted aisle seats, but those sold out pretty fast. Basically, N:LS condenses the first arc and the beginning of Sasuke's inner turmoil!

The view from my seat! Sadly, iPhone's camera doesn't do justice to the vibrant wardrobe...

Now, it has been years since I read Naruto's beginning. Anime-wise, I only watch the fights, so this is the first time in years I'm revisiting it! It's particularly important because it helped us understand our main characters', well, characters, and it sets in motion all the other events! So to say it's a blast to the past is a complete understatement, because the whole show made me feel so nostalgic!

When I saw the promotional items, my first thought was MAKEUP ON POINT! and on stage, everyone definitely looked like their characters! Best of all, their acting were absolutely amazing and true to character, from Naruto's cheeky grins and hyperactive movements, to Sasuke's cool side glances and broody attitude. Sakura's actress must be a voice actress, I thought from the moment I heard her. Even disregarding body language, she conveyed so many emotions!

The original drama queen
As for our supporting cast, well, let's say they all have the talent to be leading cast members as well! Although Gaara was on stage for only short moments, his retelling of his past was utterly heartwrenching, not to mention his agility despite having the most bulky props. Jiraiya too, despite his short appearance, managed to make a lasting impression with his English! In fact, the production broke the fourth wall a few times, by having interactions with the crowd such as using English and passing a Choji ball around as well as running up and down the aisles! Truly, this is a 2.5D show where it feels like a live action movie, but in real time!

Our favourite bad guy-turned good
Of course, this is the beginning of Naruto, so who else better to bring forth the danger than Zabuza? He's really tall, by the way. One thing I like about the casting is how they ensured the heights are realistic. The adults are all taller than the teens, which means Team 7 minus Kakashi looks pretty petite~

As for Kakashi, well, he managed to capture every fangirl's heart from the exact second he appeared on stage, mine included, of course. He is my favourite Naruto character after all! I love his coolness and laidback style that hides his true power. He's also one of the characters that provided some comic relief. It helps that I adore his actor... Yuki Kimisawa! I immediately bought his photocards during the intermission, no hesitation whatsoever.

Speaking of photocards, it's time to move on to the official merchandise purchased between me and my friend! It's a once in a lifetime kind of event, so we decided to break the bank. Each set of photocards cost $5 and the programme book costs $30. I got the programme book because it's always the best way to remember a performance!

Here are the photocards~ Each comes with 2 photos, one landscape and one portrait, and they're both different from the characters' promotional pictures.

Gotta love Kakashi reading Icha Icha Paradise

As for the programme book, it contains lots of things! It's in Japanese so we get a translation booklet. The front and back are a nice matte gold and silver, featuring Naruto and Sasuke. The first page opens to N:LS's tour venues! Singapore is last on the list, but that makes the closing show all the more special.

There are also some special double page photos and this one...

... that's exactly the same as the programme book's cover, drawn by Kishimoto sensei himself! And of course, the cast's own thoughts about N:LS and Naruto in general.

The minor/supporting characters get only one page each, but I appreciate the large photos anyway.

At the back, we have the special cast talk, featuring the four young ones: Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Gaara. It's nice to see them in casual clothing!

There are also rehearsal photos and proper photos of them on stage!

I'm really grateful I managed to watch N:LS although I found out pretty late and by accident while walking past Sistic. Thank you to the cast for such a good show! I hope we'll get to see more live spectacles, not only Naruto, but many other manga or anime adaptations as well! Ending off with one of my favourite pictures:

Written by Nana

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