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Do It This Way If You Wear The Clothes

Believe it or not, dear readers. Just when you thought that time couldn't leap any faster, it did another few long jumps in the air. We are inching closer to a new month. February. Lunar New Year. Valentine's. Who is celebrating their birthdays in February? 29 days (a leap year!). Okay, why am I even moving that far ahead? The remains of January continue to slither past everybody. I hope that the days have been well thus far. Let's watch more anime, read more manga, listen to more songs, play more games...if possible. The trenches have opened up just a little deeper for now. I wonder what else lies beneath as I resume treading along those lines.

Does anybody dig fashion, or the art of wearing clothes (if such a term exists)? Apparently, there is a title which is entirely dedicated to those aspects. The first volume has been out for a while I believe, and it is considerably bigger than the average manga. The front cover shows a woman eagerly picking out some clothes for a man who looks rather uncertain of the situation. Some of you might be familiar with this one. Do It This Way If You Wear The Clothes, or in Japanese 'Fuku wo kiru nara konna fuu ni'. The manga artist is Shimano Yae, with project assistance from MB. There is a line on the obi that reads: The most important thing about being fashionable is understanding the theory. Not sense or lots of money. What a statement!

Basically, this is an ongoing quest to find and coordinate the right clothes for a 27 year-old salaryman, who quite unfortunately becomes mentally and emotionally defeated after attending a reunion with his old friends from elementary school. Yeah, it isn't difficult to imagine what had happened then. His younger sister comes in and provides a timely pep talk, in which this classic line pops out: Buying expensive stuff isn't the reason for improving the physical appearance. Coordination is the most important element. In the next chapter, they stop by a fictionalised version of a famous clothing brand.  

Naturally, the man is overwhelmed by the endless possibilities. As mentioned, the crucial element here is coordination. Nonetheless, he attempts to pick out a pair of skinny fit jeans which gets the greenlight from his younger sister. It is as if a huge jackpot has been hit after countless brushes with bad luck. She makes him try on the pair of jeans, and proceeds to fold the edges up for a slimmer, beautiful look. Well, I used to fold the edges too, but only because the jeans were a little long!

Hmm, I'm a little tempted to buy the manga. While I don't think that I would ever become a fashionable person, I do think that knowing the different options available for men's wear is essential. Just in time for the annual Lunar New Year shopping, eh? Then again, I have already bought some clothes. For future reference, maybe? Hmm, decisions.  

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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