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Cool Storage Boxes and dehumidifiers for your Toys Collection

There will be a time when your toys collection will grow to a point where it is impossible to display them all in your computer desk. Building customised display shelves may also be out of question if there is shortage of space or even money. So what do you do then?

Well, one of the ways to store your toys collection is to buy those storage boxes which are stackable and not easily toppled. For my choice, I have been using the SAMLA series transparent boxes from IKEA for many years. There are not expensive and cost $6 each. I like how I can still see what are my toys collection inside the boxes.

The two sizes of SAMLA boxes which I bought are mainly one that measures 39x28x14cm. From the top, it fits the size of an A4 size paper. It comes with a lid to keep the dust off. I like how I can just place the lid onto the box without having to lock at the sides. If you have a dozen boxes, this can be a hassle and there is a chance your finger may get hurt. Also, the design of the lid is such that there is some indents which allow the "legs" of another similar box to rest on it. You can stack as many boxes as you like and it is very stable. This is one feature that I like the most.

The other size of SAMLA box is well, half of the one that I mentioned (or B5 size). I find it useful to keep smaller gashapons, figurines, badges, etc. It looks cute and you can place two of them on top of the bigger one.

The 4 legs of every SAMLA box sits perfectly onto the lid of the bottom box.

If you get enough of such boxes and stack them into your shelves, it will look neat and pretty. They are really a space saver. 

They are really a space saver and look pleasing to the eyes.

The SAMLA series are my choice as storage containers. What about yours?

Also, if you live in a humid place like Singapore, your home may be at risk for growing mold. One of the easiest solutions to help prevent dampness is to place a dehumidifier, but commercial dehumidifiers are expensive. You can purchase three to four packets of charcoal dehumidifiers in Daiso for just $2. This way you can keep your merch in good condition (reduces badges from rusting, paper from turning yellow, etc). The good thing about charcoal is that you can put the packets in the sun to reuse it over and over again!

Also read about how to take care of your anime figures.

Thanks to Yuki Usagi for the dehumidifiers tips and pictures.

I chatted with Yuki for a bit and I understand that she has a special liking for Ai Mikaze. I ask if she could share with us her collections. She obliged and she sent me her pictures of the cards she kept neatly in her purple file...

"The cards are from UtaPri debut, Maji Love 2000%, Prism Connect and Dreaming collection. There are around 80 cards mainly Ai Mikaze from UtaPri, and 9 cards of biases from other animes (Hakuouki, Amnesia and Mekakucity Actors[KagePro]) Trying to collect at least one kind of each Ai Mikaze cards, would love repeats as well".
Thanks Yuki Usagi for sharing her prized collections.

Written by Max

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