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Aria ~Aqua Ritmo: Event 3 Sakura Mau Mizu no Miyako Token Event

To All,

I have been meaning to make a review for Aqua Ritmo events, but somehow it always reaches the end of the event before I find time to type up some substantial amount of information for it. For starters, to those who came across this article and would like more information about it, I wrote an article about this game previously and you can read it here. I also chanced upon a Facebook group for it!

This event is a token event where you gather tokens (Sakura petals) from playing songs and use them to play an event song later on. The number of tokens you get is based on the stamina required for the song you played. For instance, I was spamming a 30lp expert song for the entire event and that gave me 93 tokens each play.

During the event itself, there would be a 2x play for both the normal songs (which give tokens) and the event song itself. With the 2x play, you can collect twice the reward and exp for each play, but note that the number of plays for the song would only be counted as 1.
There are event Rare, Super Rare and Ultra Rare cards which would boost the amount of event points you gain from each play of the event song. The number of points you would get per Expert event song without any of those yukata event cards is 183 points if your score hits S.

The amount of points you need to get an SR from this event is 18000 points, which is 99 plays of the Expert event song. Each play requires 200 petals, so you will need 213 plays of the 30 stamina Expert normal song at least.

So yes. this was an extremely time consuming and tiring event to play.

Not to mention that the Aika SR given wasn't all that strong anyway...

At 20000 points, you would get a scouting ticket only for the Event gacha. It works like a scouting ticket in Love Live where you could get a Rare, Super Rare or Event Rare card from it. The dumb thing about this ticket is that it can also give you Normal Rares instead of only Event Rares (Normal Rares do not raise the number of Event points gained from event song).

Regarding the rankings and rewards for the event, there are 3 kinds:

Firstly, high score.
For the top three high-scorers of the event, they would each receive a separate costume for the mascot of the series in gold, silver and bronze. Or at least that's what I believe since I haven't actually seen pictures of that yet.
These were the top three scorers for the high score component. I don't even want to imagine how many URs they could possibly have because I was nowhere near that score... at all. I was just... lingering about the 300s...

There was also a daily ranking for all days of the event. These are the possible rewards if you got into the ranking.

And before you think that it's an easy feat getting ranked, let me show you the results:

These are the points gained in a single day of the event, meaning that the top 5 for the event got 557908 points and above in a day to get an SR, and 46344 points at least to get at least a scouting ticket.

And if you think that getting into top 100 rank for a specific SR is an easy task, dream on. There is a reason why they chose the more popular characters for that.

And lastly the third kind of ranking is the total score ranking. This must be the most familiar kind for all the rhythm gamers out there!
The top 10 gets a weaker event UR card, a UR card and 3 UR scouting ticket pieces (you need 5 of these to form 1 UR scouting ticket) 
The 11th to 100th position gets a weaker event SR ticket, a SR scouting ticket and 2 UR scouting ticket pieces. 
The 101th to 500th position gets a weaker event SR ticket and 1 UR scouting ticket piece. Whereas the last tier, 501th to 1000th gets the same reward too, but a SR of a different person.

As for the results of the rankings themselves:

It is impossible to get into the first tier if you don't invest a lot of time and money. At least, that's what I believe.
The cut off for the next tier with the SR scouting ticket is at 58323 points. This is slightly higher than expected also. I believe that much gems and time was invested here to. Kudos to everyone who got into Tier 2!
The cut-off for the third tier is at 18497-ish. Personally, I prefer Alice to the other SR they gave so I ranked in Tier 3. It was quite a struggle to get up here and I ended up around the 260+ region for this ranking. 

As you can see, users who ranked here barely got the Aika SR at 18000 points. They really need to drop the bar for the next event. Seriously.

Oh and as for the weaker Alice SR card, I only realized it was so much weaker after boosting it to full level. Here is the card if anyone is interested!
The skill of the card is: For every 20 seconds, there is a 40% chance to increase the player's score by 10%  for a short period of time. (20 seconds is really long when each song is around 2 minutes long only...). And the leader skill (if you use this card as your center) is to increase stamina of your team by 20% during songs.

Thank god Aria allows you to equip each girl with up to 5 cards so you have a total of 15 cards in your team, since I would love to use this card as one of them but definitely not as the main!
This is the cut-off for the last tier with rewards.

Overall, this event felt much more tedious than the previous one, which I ranked in the top 500 for as well. The rewards were way less and I felt that Aria was becoming more money-orientated and coming up with new ideas to get people to spend on getting more gems.

However, Aria is indeed one of my top few anime and I would like to give the next few events a chance as this is a fairly new game with only 3 events so far so I believe that they still need to test grounds before deciding on which is the best for both parties.

But don't get me wrong, I am indeed extremely pleased with the ranking I got!

From Your Fellow Gamer,

Written by Reina-rin

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