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A Letter To Asuka Rie

Dear Rie,

I wonder if letters and such are ever delivered across different dimensions of space, but I am sure that doesn't bother you at all since anything seems possible these days. By the way, a happy belated birthday to you! Did you get a cake or something? Well, perhaps you were still fighting aliens then. I don't know much about pilots, aliens and all that stuff that goes on in a world that is largely different from what I live in, but I imagine a massive sci-fi movie playing on a gigantic screen for that matter. 

                                                  Stealth Bomber Z-36 “Everest”

The idea of aliens seems to have evolved into something more complex with time. Do you ever wonder what is terrifying in your world? The quality of life is often barely passable as underlying problems make their way to the surface of society, and when things become messy the damage control is mostly scattered. Aliens take advantage of vulnerability, because mankind would be too occupied with their own issues. Anyway, the deployment of heroic acts like yours shed a big, bright light through the gloom and doom!

As I am not good with mechanics or whatever you call those things, I will just say that the set-up looks amazing. The use of thoughts and speech is rather genius! But don't you ever worry about the complete lack of buttons? Well, I am sure your technology takes absolute care of every detail. Does your jet have an emergency button? Just wondering!

If I ever spot a peculiar-looking jet penetrating the clouds, I will certainly wave at it! Thank you for what you do! 

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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