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Figure Review: Kousaka Honoka Snow Halation Version (SEGA)

Do you recognise this outfit......? This character?

Yes, it's Snow Halation! And I bring to you Honoka in her outfit for Snow Halation! Similar to her START;DASH version, this Honoka is also of a much larger scale than the others I have reviewed so far.

Her base is only a white circle, but the simplicity of this matches Snow Halation very well. The added snowflakes patterns printed onto the base helps to bring this point out on the figure as well. Small details really do make a difference!

Posing and Assembly

Assembly is just placing the figure onto the base and she fits snugly. But more importantly...

A lively pose that Honoka makes mid-song! It also looks like she's saying hi to all of her fans. This is a figure which has a pose that fits into many different types of situations. But that's not where her charms lie.

Sculpting and Painting
Her outfit! It's all wooly and comfy, and there are many details! First, the wool lining isn't very well-made as it doesn't appear very fluffy, but it still gets the point very well across. The subtle pinks lines and gold accents help to bring the figure to life.

Brown in a neutral color, so it holds the different aspects of the pastels together well. I also like how the brown belt's buckle is carefully sculpted and painted gold.

The ruffles, which are an idol's lifeline, are well made, with each fold distinguished well from the next. More importantly, I love how the ruffles actually go all the way up to the neckline, even under her tie.

The slight ruffling of her skirt is also great, because it easily displays how loose and lightweight the material actually is!
I would also like to point out the furball on the back of her glove. It isn't very well-sculpted and actually looks heavy but it adds a nice detail to otherwise pure white and normal gloves.

The sleeves have extra detailing, and there is actually some patterns sculpted into it. If I was upset about the glove furball thing I mentioned above, I am impressed with this new detail. I have never expected much from prize figures as I typically collect scale figures and prizes are of lower quality, but I must say that this detail isn't that common among prize figures.
Her hair accessories has white, pink and blue, which easily ties back to the figure. The lack of brown on her hair accessory puts a distinction between her orange (less bright on this figure) hair color, and leaves the brown to accent her outfit only. I like the three feathers inserted, which you can see even from the other side of her, and it adds more details than the usual flower hair clips. The feathers are all nicely sculpted too, but with minimal shading.
Still, definitely not the best hair sculpt. I wish the ends were a little less chunky and there could be more movement to her hair. It seems like the sculptors got tired after doing that detailed outfit. It's a little of a waste.
Last point, the boots. The fur is the same as what I mentioned earlier, not very convincing. The earth brown at the heels and the slight touches of yellow help to add another color dimension to the figure. It also gives the feel of being pure from the front (light yellow), but like the figure, it packs a punch behind with all the detailing and well thought up color schemes.

I like the creases under the buckle for the raised leg. It makes it look like the buckle is actually pulling some material, adding to the realism of the figure.

This is definitely not the best prize figure Honoka has, and definitely not the best figure of her out on the market. Though, I feel that she does provide enough height and outfit details to make up for that. Her sculpt also gives a more mature feel to the figure instead of the usual cutesy and energetic Honoka.

If you like Honoka and Snow Halation, this figure might just be for you!

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