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Nanoblock: Naruto SasuNaru

Welcome back fellow nerds!

On another episode of nanoblocks, I present to you my OTP of all time: Sasunaru!!

The whole Naruto series consists of a Kakashi and another Gaara, but I shall save those for another day. As usual, I bought the entire series, and while I can't say much for the individual pieces, I was a little peeved about the fact the one of them were missing a base piece. That is. the single large base for which the nanoblock to stand on.

I'm not sure if Sasuke was meant to have a base, but I had to separately purchase other bases. If I remember correctly, my Sailormoon series also had missing bases, but it wasn't as bad as my Miku that was short of shoulder pieces LOL.

Here's all of the characters in the Naruto series, but right now I'll only show you the Sasuke and Naruto ones. I haven't gotten around to building the other two yet ;;

So without further ado.. TADAH! My lovely cuties~

I built Sasuke first, because I'm biased towards the Uchiha. I was actually pretty impressed with the details he had. At first it seemed quite mediocre, until I turned him over and saw his back. And there it was! The Uchiha fan!! Sasuke also came with pieces for a sword, which is really cool, all things considering.

I also thought that it might have been tough with all his blues, but they managed different shades, and I felt the designers did manage to capture the essence of Sasuke. Instead of black eyes they went with red, which was a nice touch.

His signature duck-butt hairstyle was slightly hard to replicate, but somehow it was quite well done too. Overall, 10/10.

Then on to Naruto. He obviously had less details, and unless I self paint his Uzumaki whirl on, it's impossible to have it. I did, however, like his bandage on one knee, and also his butt weapons pouch! So cute!

His headband also had the two long strings flopping down, points up! Naruto's orange is really vibrant in real life, and that goes for his hair as well.

Overall these two are adorable as heck and also relatively cheap compared to the Japanese ones. I don't think there is any Japanese version, but compared to any of their nanoblocks, Loz is definitely cheaper.

I actually bought a lot of other designs from Loz, but time eludes me.

Well, that concludes my Sasunaru for today, nerd out!

Written by: ninetylives

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2 comments to ''Nanoblock: Naruto SasuNaru"

  1. Hey, can you build the rest of the nanoblocks or loz? I have to try to do these ones with pixel blocks or Hama beads, thanx

  2. Ohhh I forgot, thanx 4 the page