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[Movie Review] Genocidal Organ

"Hell lives inside the head"

Just last month, a number of movies were scheduled to be shown for around a week in Singapore, in line with an Odex event (The Odex Film Festival) but they are by no means just "ordinary" movies that can be easily pushed out worldwide, they are exclusive animated movies debuting under Odex. These movies included more popular titles like Sword Art Online and Kizumonogatari 3.

The event showed up as advertisements on Odex's facebook page as well, but I did not particularly pay attention till my friends enthused themselves over it, and invited me to watch one of the movie selections. Genocidal Organ has a killer lineup of voice actors that I know of, they say, and so I tagged along,

I did a little check, and well, they're not wrong. Nakamura Yuuichi and Sakurai Takahiro voiced the two main characters, and they're just some of my favourite seiyuus.

This was taken around the first floor stage that was set up for the Odex event.

(Post will contain minor spoilers from the movie from here on.)


The story starts some years into the future, where technology has become even more advanced than before. For instance, now almost all people pay for things using various identification marks instead of cards or cash, like fingerprints or their eyes. Main character Clavis Shepherd works in an intelligence agency in the United States, and being a soldier, he gets the cooler stuff like being able to work much more with virtual reality, and having the equipment to become invisible, blending into the environment.

He also has a pal (Williams) he often eats pizza and watches football with, as well as going on missions together. In this movie they get assigned to a rather difficult task, to the extent that even the higher-ups are quite at loss with the next best course of action.

John Paul is the dangerous man they are looking for, a suspect behind the recent incidences of third-world countries carrying out genocides on their own citizens. The mission eventually brings them to France where they uncover details that unravel the mystery.


My friends who watched with me didn't particularly like how it ended: I do agree that it seemed rushed and hardly anything got resolved, even making the main character patch up the entire incident by himself. I also learnt after the movie it was adapted from a novel; and typically for novel to movie-length adaptations, many details have to be trimmed, which probably explains the loose ends and loopholes observed throughout the movie.

On the whole however, I liked how the movie explored themes of how the manipulation of language can also manipulate the human brain (though perhaps not to such a huge extent as shown in the movie) and of how different people sees humanity and morality differently. The wanted man comes off as very dangerous at first due to the massive impact of his actions, but even the characters in the story had been in for a big surprise.

If you like action, sci-fi or maybe even a bit of politics (basically of the seinen genre), do give this movie a try. I haven't checked out the novel just yet, but I would expect it to be as riveting, if not more than the movie; thought I'm not sure if they actually have it officially translated just yet. (sigh)

I would want to rewatch the movie again to bask in the seiyuu's performance in their roles, and to understand the movie a little bit more.


Almost forgot to mention, the movie was rated NC16. (lol)

Each ticket was at $15, and comes with a goodie bag with a huge poster of the movie in it. I'm not very sure what to do with it so I'll most likely be giving it away to a friend.

The movie had been scheduled to run from 20th to 26th February so it's now no longer available, but you can view the trailers here and here and wait for its official release in the meantime.

Did you watch the movie? I would love to hear your thoughts about it as I do find it quite interesting. ^^

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