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Catching up - An idea, Red Chapter and Kamen Rider Drive...

Hello again. How’s everybody feeling today? Is the weather fine there?

Well, I’ve been strangely more polite with my choice of words but still no matter how much I try, my English knowledge falls short of what I used to have. Which is why I have been doing a lot of reading. Mostly manga though. Hey, don’t judge. It helps okay. Apparently the translators (applies mostly to anime) who subs them, use quite good English, 


so thank you translators for translating the anime as well as teaching me English. And I am sorry that I lost most of it now. I relax too much in the six months break last year.

Anyways, my friend showed me a forum post of a very short summary of a part of what happened in Pokemon Silver/Gold/Soul Silver/Heart Gold. I am quite interested in adapting it into a story where we follow Gold, the character you play in the game. If you guys have some thoughts about it, please enlighten me on that. Though it will only focus on a part of the adventure. Now I have to go back and play SoulSilver again for my research.

Since we’re on the subject, have you guys heard of “Red Chapter”? 

It's a lower quality since its from a GBA standard...

Apparently it’s a hack rom game for the emulator where it follows Red’s journey in the manga. You’ll of course play as Red himself and the story is quite fun to play with. 

It's Red's sprite...

You will be able to relive the days you followed Red’s adventures in the manga. But I’m apparently stuck on Cerulean City gym where no matter how much I try; I can’t seem to be able to catch a Staryu. I guess that’s one of the downside of an emulator hack game. Anyway, the setting/environment of the game is based on Pokemon FireRed so it would seem a little familiar. I encourage the Pokemon fans to play this while waiting for ORAS to come in a few more days.

Speaking of ORAS, the final few leaks are out already! Yay! I had a chance to play the demo version a few weeks ago from a friend and got a bit lazy with it. C’mon, you’re stuck at the same place other than doing quests? Well at least you get ride on mega-latios. Oh, and there is going to be a fight in space! How cool is that? I hope they make it possible for us to fly up there in the rocket at Mossdeep. There is also a new character introduce who may have some connections with Rayquaza. 

Higana (prefered) and her Whismur...

Her name is Higana (Jap) or Zinnia (Eng). Though there are some speculations on whether all that will be in the game or just a Pokemon event. 

Episode Delta!

I do hope the actual game will be harder than X/Y. It will be more fun that way. Do you guys have a team in mind? I do and it consists of a pokemon with unburden ability. But I still can’t beat my friend’s one though. Maybe some of you guys might know him. He has a giveaway account on twitter. Does Lord Heracross or @dkamirzxs come to mind?

Anyway, have you guys watch the new Kamen Rider Series? Apparently now it’s based on cars, which is a bit interesting. 

Looks like a Transformer....

Kamen Rider Drive follows a former elite officer who was transferred to another department due to him being involved in a traumatic accident with his former colleague pertaining to “Slowdown” effect that has been going on in the world. He is chosen as the new Rider so as to protect humanity from being eliminated by the Roidmudes. That is somehow a summary of the story. It’s a bit confusing at first, takes time to understand. Just apply the worms clock up thing form Kabuto to Drive where the monsters caused this effect that slows down people in the vicinity. All that aside, I gotta say the driver this time seems a bit troublesome to use. 

Kamen Rider Drive's Driver...

Its cool though, I am not gonna lie. Its like some Bluetooth thing happening between the belt and the brace but its too bulky and a bit of a hassle with the procedure or steps you have to take. But still the belt that interests me most is Decade’s, Faiz’s and Kabuto’s. I really want them. I’ll even come to school with it instead of an actual belt. That would be a dream come to.

Well now back to reality I go. I’ll just wait for Sora Amamiya’s Tsukiakari to be released in a few more days. Actually, two more days. Haiz… Re-watching Phantom Bullet arc seems nice… Maybe Kore wa Zombie Desuka?

Mata ne~

Written by Zwei


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