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I’m Your Ultimate Cat Slave

Image Credit: Kleptocats Wikia
Hi Folks! It has been a while since I last posted due to commitments in my full-time job. Now I have returned to write exciting stuff for Milkcananime! During these past few months, I had played countless mobile games on my iPhone 6+ and shared some game-play images on my Instagram account.

Recently, I am into cats and many furry creatures living inside your mobile phone. If you need to describe a cat, what word would you use? I would say mischievous and I think it perfectly describes this game called KleptoCats.


There are many players who are familiar with Neko Atsume but this is different. The objective of this game is very simple - Ask your cat to explore. Gradually, you begin to fill the empty room with all treasures that your cat collects for you.  At the moment, there are four rooms available. However, you need gems (game currency) to unlock them.

Difficulty Level: Easy
Fun Factor:  None
Pros: Cute graphic, clear interface, easy to play
Cons: Repeated game action toward one single objective, no other options to play the game

This game is suitable for those who like to feel a sense of achievement.

What do you call a fur shedding cat? It’s Nekonoke! This is an addictive casual mobile game where you cannot stop petting the cat. Tap the cat to have more furballs and your task is to collect them to unlock more cats! The only currency in Nekonoke is the furballs.  You may want to level up the item in the game to assist you in generating more furballs.


The cat gives you more furballs when you tap it faster. My favorite moment of this game is when it is in fever mode. There is no cooling down period for the furballs generation and I can get as many furballs as possible within the mode time. Different cats produce different variety of furballs and this makes me excited as a cat lover.

Difficulty Level: Easy
Fun Factor:  Addictive
Pros:  Adorable cats
Cons: My fingers keep petting the cat and it distracts me from doing other things


The overall game designs are pleasing to the eyes and it has a subtle warm feeling to it. NekoNoke remains one of my favorite cat games.

I hope the above cat games interest you. I shall be writing about 2 more cat games soon.

Hint: Puzzle, Room, Decoration and Food

Written by SnoringSeal

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