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SCANDAL - Yellow Tour 2016 - Singapore

On a late Saturday afternoon, Zwei arrived on an island south west of the little red dot. Being greeted by an abundance of tourists, he slowly make his way to the Hard Rock Cafe, carefully avoiding encounters with any tourists taking in the sights and pictures. Upon reaching his destination, he was greeted by a queue of people of an event that was happening that day. Quickly checking the time, he walks past them and loops behind several shops and out of sight. 2 hours before concert starts. He continues to loiter around the vicinity like a confused tourist. Finally, he decides to check out other shops and walks away from the slowly growing queue.

2 hours fly by…

Neko was just getting lost, only half understanding where meet-up places were as usual, and ended up wandering around Hard Rock Cafe in circles. She was late! And little did she know then that she was waiting at the complete wrong location for Zwei. A text message or two later, and the cat wanted to facepalm herself with her paw. Zwei meant, meet at the ticket counter! Not hotel lobby counter! Stalking out of the hotel, Neko gingerly skirts around the outdoor pool area. She was not a fan of water. She approached the top of the Coliseum stair carefully, judging if she could make the quick slip around the stage barriers before they were closed off to her completely. Nya ha ha~ she laughed to herself when she made it just past the closing barrier and to the bridge where Zwei was waiting.

Zwei was still confused as to the whereabouts of Neko. He started to look suspicious after circling around the queue. But then again, he already is by wearing a thick jacket despite the humidity that is Singapore. A suspicious tourist one could say he was. Neko appeared from the entrance of the Coliseum. He greets her and both head to collect their tickets. Neko suggested to visits shops before an early dinner. Zwei follows behind and they both entered Candylicious to pass some time.

Candy! To Neko, it was like being a small little kitten again, tripping over herself to get everywhere. Zwei and Neko talked about their favourite sweets, and commented on all the strange flavours and sugary stuff. Like powdered sugar in tubes, or jelly beans, or giant lollypops~! (We both agree that it would take days to finish them.) Neko sighed as she walked out of the store, oh the memories… Prattling some other random things, which this forgetful cat cannot remember, she eventually asked Zwei if he’d like to go for a fast food a Mc Chicken dinner.

MacDonalds it was. Zwei and Neko then sit and talked about songs they recognised and what might be sung over a burger. The day slowly gets dark but there was still time before the event starts. It was then when the sound of pitter patter could be heard. But it wasn’t the rain. Instead it was a water attraction. It was like a rain machine where it follows the music of songs that were played. Simple shapes and slightly ambitious forms of art could be seen. Onlookers started to gather. Both found a way to pass even more time.

Neko forgot to mention earlier, but Neko bought the Scandal Yellow Album that came with an autographed picture of all the members. See the pretty picture below!

From down stairs to upstairs Neko and Zwei watch the water music fountain loop a total of five times. Knowing the water mechanism so well that they could even tell when it was not working properly and just leaking water on one side...nya…
But finally! Finally it was 7pm! Neko saw the VIP queue start to move into the concert venue. People wearing Scandal shirts got up from the floor (the smarter ones brought foldable seats) and a buzz filled the air.

Despite the shift from queue to the Coliseum being slow, the concert started roughly on time. What thought to be a 15 minute tease was surprisingly shorten with what could be called a warm up for the band as they get into the groove of the atmosphere emanating from the anticipating attendees. Zwei too was trying to get with the atmosphere but the overwhelming enthusiasm proved too much for him. He retreats a few notches down and decided to start slow. First song on the list began playing and brought a familiar tone with it. Zwei was happy he recognised the song.

Neko was excited, Stamp! Was her favourite song from the set list, cliche yes, but she liked the rhythm and mood of the song. Following that was Space Ranger, which was completely unexpected from the band that night since it is a pretty old song, almost since that band just started. The cat nearly didn’t recognise it. After Kagerou, the band reverted back to Yellow’s Sunday Drive, a chill tune that had Neko’s tail swishing along to the beat. Haruna sang so well :)!

Zwei, however, was oblivious as to what song was playing most of the time. But that doesn’t stop him from enjoying it. His head sways from left to right, feet tapping to the rhythm and light stick fervently dances to the rhythm. Following that was SUKI-SUKI, slowing down the pace slightly as the crowd wave their light sticks left and right. It was truly a sight to behold as the wave of yellow responds to the band.

Pizza Party! Okey, now that Neko has mentioned that song, we can move on. Next up was Heaven Na Kibun, it really should be an anime opening song. Neko particularly like the lyrics, ‘Sukkari koori no toketa dorinku wo.’ As for why, there really isn’t a reason...just like the way it sounds in Japanese. And then we were back to the summer sounds of LOVE ME DO~ another one of Neko's favourites from their new album and the audience sang along too! This was also the song that fans who had the Canon Photo Pass could take pictures! Neko looked over to Zwei, it looked like the poor human was getting tired standing around…

At this point, Zwei understands that regular exercise is important for a healthy body. After a few seconds of ragdoll, he gets back up and waits for the next song. Chiisana Honoo starts playing. He can’t help but rejoice in his heart that a slow song was playing and not much movement was required. But despite being able to take it slow, he continues doing one single thing that he has been doing since the start of the concert. He can’t help but be captivated by the drummer of the band, Rina. The way she plays was mesmerizing to him which at times make him not feel the pain of his right arm that has been waving about. A new song was then introduced to the crowd. A new song titled Take Me Out.

Neko wholeheartedly agrees about Rina, and leans over to Zwei and talks about their perfect hair as well. For all the hair flicking they do, Scandal still looks like they stepped out of a hair advertisement. After their new song, which left fans hyped! It was back to something more old school from last year’s Hello World album, it was Imagine! Then came Sisters~ one of their newer singles, and another favourite of mine even though I don’t have sisters><

After the upbeat SIsters, Scandal Baby begins. Another slow song, in which Zwei rejoices again. Having a comfortable pace despite it being heavy, a song full of emotions where the crowd responds with enthusiasm. A new song begins playing. A song very familiar to all attendees there. A song that was accompanied by violins and a music box. Departures begins. It became known to the crowd that this could be the end as stated in the title but despite that, they continued their support. Zwei too felt a sudden gloominess but he too decides to give it his all as this could very well be the end. The image of a bespectacled Rina with a ponytail playing the drums from the MV floats in his head, overlapping with the scene in front of him.

And they were gone… The stage dark. This Neko knew it wasn’t over though, not without an which the crowd shouted in agreement to Neko’s sentiment. One minute, two minutes...perhaps a good five minutes later, and the stage was lit up again! An english song! Your Song! Our song, as we sang Whoa-OH-OH-OH, with the band. It felt Scandal was truly one with the audience. It felt like the peak of the concert was right there in the last moments of the encore that was Taiyou Scandalous. The tune that everyone knew… it was just over all too soon… And the stage was once again dimmed, for the last time… Neko nudged Zwei with her tail, both wondering if it the night was really over.

A Saturday ended just like that. Both climbed down the stairs and walked towards the train, this time not getting lost, and reflect on the concert in their mind. Was it enjoyable? Yes. Was it tiring? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes. It was definitely a great way to spend a Saturday. Zwei returned home and starts to replay songs that was played on YouTube while Neko…

Neko...Just wanted a nap… But before that she created a Spotify Playlist with the night’s setlist in mind.
(Though she couldn’t find Space Ranger and of course Take Me Out is not released yet.)

Set List:
01. Room No.7
02. Stamp!
03. Space Ranger
04. Kagerou
05. Sunday Drive
06. Konya wa Pizza Party
08. Heaven na Kibun
10. Chiisana Honoo
11. Take Me Out (New Song)
12. Image
13. Sisters
15. Departure

16. Your song -English ver.-
17. Taiyou Scandalous

Written by Zwei & Neko


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