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It's a Day for a Feel-Good show

Saturday, August 21, 2021 / No Comments

An anime a day keeps a bad mood away 一 especially if it’s a feel-good one. Comfort anime are my favourite to binge. If that’s the same for you, here are some wholesome watches for you.

  1. Gakuen Babysitters

I can barely go five minutes into this anime without squealing. This show, in a nutshell, is about a group of students in a babysitters club, taking care of babies. Our protagonist is a kind-hearted boy, Ryuuichi, who comes with a little baby brother of his own named Kotaro. 

Quiet, well-behaved sweet Kataro paired with cheerful and gentle Ryuuichi make the most wholesome duo. Their interactions can melt the most cold-hearted person into a gooey mess of “Awwwww, that’s so cute!”. 

As an episodic series, this show lets you accompany the students and babies while they face their ups and downs together; particularly Ryuuichi’s interactions with the people around him and how they impact each others’ lives. Other characters include the stone-faced handsome Kamitami, his tsundere baby brother, and many more.

With Gakuen Babysitters, it is simply a lighthearted anime meant to watch without much thought or worry. So sit back, enjoy the pastel visuals and prepare to get bombarded by cuteness.

  1. Handa-Kun

Sometimes when I find a binge-worthy anime, it surprises me how little people know of it. Handa-kun is one of them. A prequel of the anime Barakamon, this can easily be watched as a standalone series (that’s what I did). 

Handa is the most popular student in his school. Looks and fame 一 he has the two traits anyone would yearn for. What’s the issue then? Well, he doesn’t believe he possesses any of that. Instead, he deeply believes that he is the most hated student in school. 

And that, my friends, is the highlight of this anime. It also makes up 90% of the show’s comedy, the remaining 10% being the absurdity of the people around him. 

Convinced that his entire school hates him with a burning passion, Handa goes to extreme means to cope with this mindset. From jumping into alleys to avoid schoolmates to treating a love letter as a challenge letter, you will be guaranteed a hearty laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. 

For some reason, despite his deep insecurities and abnormal behaviour, Handa has unknowingly crossed paths with and made a memorable impression on some rather… interesting people. 

Introducing the Handa Squad: We have an obsessive and uptight class president, a “painfully average” boy, a flashy model, and a former-femboy-turned-gangster. Not enough? There’s also a borderline yandere and an extreme-feminist student council president to add to the spice. 

Watch this anime without expecting anything and you’ll have the time of your life. Side effects include the desire to watch the original series, known as Barakamon. 

  1. Saiki K

Saiki K is hands down, one of my favourite animes ever. And in my opinion, it’s also one of the funniest. I’m not sure if I can bring justice to how great this series is, but I’ll try my best. 

Saiki Kusuo, a deadpan high school student, is a powerful psychic who thinks his powers are a curse. Psychokinesis? You bend spoons all the time when you try to eat. Telepathy? You hear the nonsense that everyone at a certain distance from you is thinking. X-ray vision? You see everything as just bones and flesh. 

One of his main goals is to stay lowkey and prevent anyone from finding out about his powers. However, despite his stoic and quiet character, Saiki attracts a variety of the most unusual and unique people. 

The list contains a 16-year-old who thinks he has hidden powers meant to save the world, a girl who deems herself to be “perfect” both inside and out, a tough-looking guy who’s so dim-witted that Saiki can’t even read his thoughts, and many many more. Despite having a bunch of characters, you don’t get tired of them and each of them is memorable (and weird) in their own way.  

Every episode is only around five minutes, which is perfect for those with short attention spans like me. Despite being a comedy taking place in a school setting, every episode keeps you on your toes and cracks you up in its own way. Its humour is extremely fast-paced so by the time you’ve registered the joke, it hits you with yet another one, leaving you in a constant laughing state. 

To fully understand the gold of this anime, you have to give it a try yourself. If you find yourself rewatching it obsessively for the next few weeks… you’re welcome. 

P.S. A bonus anime: Tanaka-Kun is always listless

I think the title explains the show itself. Top it off with an adorable boy and off you go! 

Written by Potato.

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Tears of Themis

Sunday, August 15, 2021 / No Comments
Heyheyhey my little nuggets! Today I bring you a somewhat newly released game I've been completely obsessed with: Tears of Themis! 

I actually came across Tears of Themis (ToT) for pre-reg during an ad on another of my games and man, the art? Exquisite. A bit of googling reveals that my favorite Japanese VA is the voice of the character I was most drawn to, so how could I not sign up?? 

So starts my life in ToT. Personally, I think the plot is quite interesting. In essence, MC is a lawyer alongside one of the main four love interests, and is ultimately recruited into their group (NXX) where they solve various cases and investigate an abnormal surge in mental health cases.

The complete storyline has not been fully released yet, so there are periodic updates, which I think keeps things interesting. 

There are four love interests~

Luke, the childhood friend who went off to study and is now a PI who feels like a spy. 

Artem, your superior and the youngest senior attorney ever, who is incredibly bad at expressing his emotions. 

Marius, heir of just the largest corporation ever, who has a reputation as a playboy but is really a sensitive artist at heart. 

Last but not least we have Vyn, the top psychiatrist who I believe is meant to have an elegant and calming vibe but really just kind of gives me the creeps. 

my first and only ssr!!!

marius summer sr

I was obsessing over Artem in the beginning, because, firstly, Suwabe Junichi?? Chef's kiss. Secondly? His aesthetic is impeccable. I got his SSR as the guaranteed, yay! But now, after progressing through the story and interacting with the rest of the love interests.. Marius' personality is growing on me. I also have the most of his cards, so I guess that's fate. 

Gameplay wise, I think it's pretty simple. You would collect cards of the main love interests, with rarity ranking SSR, SR, and R. Each card will have an attribute assigned to it, Logic (Blue), Empathy (Red), and Intuition (Green). 

It's a gacha system, but there is a guaranteed SR usually within ten pulls of each banner. So far we've had three banners, and a permanent one. The current event banner is summer themed and IT IS SO CUTE. 

weekly stage! so cute~~

There are skills to be leveled up for each card, and evolving a card nets you a new piece of artwork. There are also daily stages for in game money and exp chips, along with weekly stages for gems that can be used for gacha. 

NXX Headquarters is unlocked after chapter 04-02, and there are helpful resources you can gather, like exp chips and items for card skill leveling. Increasing the level of the NXX Headquarters also provides additional stat gains across all cards. 

There are different types of game mechanics as well, Debate is more "fight" based with your cards, 

Questioning, which is something like an interrogation, asking a character certain questions till you find key evidence. 

Clue Analysis displays an item in 3D that you can rotate and revolve and click on different parts of it to unlock clues.

Inspection presents you with a character, where you can click on certain suspicious parts of them like a burn mark or stain to look for clues. 

Investigation will put you in a room, where you can click on different items to unlock clues and search for evidence. 

Trials are usually held at the end of each story chapter, and MC will present all evidence and attempt to win the case for the client. 

I think the variety of mechanics keep the game interesting, and I find myself constantly logging in to play. It isn't time consuming either. As long as your cards are sufficiently leveled, I think the chapters are pretty easy to progress through as well. I personally love the art and soundtracks, and I appreciate the fact that there are three languages to set depending on your preference. 

summer event~~

All in all, a superb game so far, and I definitely recommend downloading it! For now, nerd out!

Written by: ninetylives

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Webtoon Fantasies

Wednesday, August 11, 2021 / No Comments

Webtoon 一 it houses many comics of varying genres across the world. One of my favourite genres to read is fantasy, mainly because of the fascinating visuals that are uniquely catered to every single comic. If you agree with me, I hope this article will help you find one that is just your cup of tea. 

  1. Omniscient Reader

Imagine this: You’re reading your favourite book, manga, or watching your favourite show when all of a sudden you get sucked into the story world. Would you be delighted, or find yourself trapped in a nightmarish world and want to escape? 

Unfortunately for our dashing protagonist, Dokja, his answer is the latter. I don’t think I have to explain why other than the fact that the name of the story he got sucked into is called “Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse”. Thrown into a mix of chaotic life-threatening game scenarios, Dokja has to use his knowledge of the story to promise not only his but the survival of those whom he cares for.  

The world-building in this manhwa (Korean comic) is phenomenal. Characters are forced to undergo life-or-death challenges in order to earn coins 一 a system managed by mythical creatures named dokkaebi. The dokkaebi will stream each challenge for the entertainment of god-like beings called “Constellations'', with famous characters like The Monkey King from the Chinese literature “Journey to the West”. If you are lucky enough to be favoured by one, you will be gifted coins to level up your stats. You may even be sponsored, which in turn offers you skills relevant to the Constellation. Isn’t that interesting? 

Not only does this manhwa have a solid plot, it also has pretty solid characters. The protagonist, Dokja, is an intelligent and level-headed businessman. His thought process is many steps ahead of others, so seeing him try to get out of tough situations is never dull. Dokja isn’t your typical lone-wolf protagonist. In fact, he tries to make meaningful connections with others and aid their personal journeys when he deems necessary 一 although he does believe it is pragmatism driven by personal benefits. Add in characters like a young boy with the uncanny ability to communicate with creatures, a feisty female warrior with a traumatic war past, topped with many others, this makes for a fairly unusual group of personalities.

I think the photos of the Webtoon speak for themselves. With such stunning artwork, intricate plot and characters, what more are you waiting for? Read Omniscient Reader on Webtoon now! 

  1. Eleceed

Cute, funny and thrilling 一 this Webtoon is a three-in-one package deal. Elecced, in a nutshell, is basically about a kind-hearted boy and a grumpy cat with tremendous powers. Throw in some tsundere friends, a couple evil people who abuse their abilities, and many many many cats; that’s about the gist of it. 

In the story world, if you have powers, you’re an Awakened One. When our protagonist, Jiwoo, discovers he is one of them, he is taken under the wing of a cat. Yep, you read that right. A cat. Take note though, if you make the mistake of underestimating the great Mr Kayden (yes, that’s the cat’s name), be prepared to find yourself in hot soup.

As Jiwoo’s mentor, Mr Kayden teaches Jiwoo all about the nics and tricks of training and how to hone his skills in order to protect those he cares about. It’s a little bit difficult to tell the plot without spoiling much (blergh), so I’ll just leave it at that. 

The relationship bond between Jiwoo and the cat is the main basis of this comic. Two characters with contrasting personalities, one warm one cold, hanging out and growing close together 一 isn’t that adorable? I especially fancy stories where you get to see that one “ice queen” character slowly warming up to the main character and growing a soft spot for them. To add on, the cat isn’t the only victim to Jiwoo’s irresistible charm. In fact, many other characters soon fall for our soft boy and will do anything to keep him safe and happy. Wonder why? Just read the first couple of chapters and you’ll get it. 

Character developments plus the top-tier comedy really makes this Webtoon a gem. Kayden’s attempts to not behave like a fluffy chubby cat and tsundere characters trying not to fall for Jiwoo really top the charts. Paired with superb illustrations detailing out fight scenes, Eleceed really makes for a great read. 

  1. Jungle Juice

Ah, where do I even begin with this one? If there’s one thing I can say about this comic, it’s that after reading every chapter, you will most likely gain a new fact about insects. That’s right, this Webtoon is about humans who have mutated into insects, creating new waves of hierarchy between the different species. 

The main story follows our main character Suchan Jang, a once-popular student whose reputation fell into demise after an ugly truth of his was revealed 一 the pair of dragonfly wings attached to his back. One thing led to another, and the next thing Suchan knew? He was enrolled in a school meant for half-human-half-insects like him, and they are all trained to fend for themselves for survival. Over there, he has to discover how to adapt to his skills, make new friends among a sea of sharks and avoid getting screwed over by some not-so-friendly schoolmates. 

Despite having a typical story base of a scared protagonist trying to come into acceptance of his ability and learning to hone it to his benefit, the premise of this comic is a breath of fresh air and oddly unique. I’d recommend it to both insect lovers and insect haters. As part of the latter group myself, this manga will be the closest thing I want to associate with regarding insects. 

To top it off, the art style is *chef’s kiss*. Every page is captivating, even those with deadly killer human-insects trying to devour another insect. For action and thriller fans, this Webtoon would be a great fit for you! 

With all that, I hope you’ve found something that whets your appetite. Happy reading folks. 

Written by Potato.

To: Fans of Supernatural Anime

Wednesday, August 4, 2021 / No Comments

If you find yourself often buried in books or binging documentaries about alien conspiracies, then I have something in store for you. Well, not exactly the same thing, but close enough. Here are some anime with elements of the supernatural that hopefully catches your eye.

  1. Natsume Yuujinchou

The first anime I’d like to introduce is Natsume Yuujinchou, also known as Natsume’s Book of Friends. Undeniably one of my favourites. This slice-of-life series follows a boy who can see yokai (Japanese folk creatures) and his adventures with them through his grandmother, Reiko. 

Though passed, Reiko’s name was famous among the yokai as an extremely powerful, beautiful girl who would have duels with the Yokai. If they lost, she would write their names in the Book of Friends and thus obtain the power to command them whenever. 

Upon inheriting her book, kind-hearted Natsume’s goal is to return the yokai their own names, but it isn’t an easy task due to the temptations of the power the book possesses. Luckily for him, Natsume has an unusual partner to aid him in his journey 一 

一 Nyanko-sensei! Don’t be fooled by this seemingly innocent cat-like creature, for you are looking at one of the most powerful beast yokai with a condescending personality. Bound by a contract, Nyanko-sensei has to protect Natsume in order to obtain the Book of Friends after the latter passes. Although often exchanging snarky remarks with each other, the two soon form a connection no other can break.

If you ask me, their relationship is one of the best things in this show. What’s a better pairing than a soft boy and his tsundere yokai? 

Natsume Yuujinchou is all about relationships and connections. In the episodes, we see Natsume’s encounters with different yokai and the people around him. From reuniting yokai to meeting exorcists, we see how his impression of each of them changes over every experience. From accepting your own differences to knowing when to let go, we learn a meaningful lesson with him every single time. 

If you’re down for a heartwarming and wholesome anime, Natsume Yuujinchou is your pick. In fact, you have six seasons and one movie to binge through. 

  1. Fukigen na Mononokean  

To me, this anime is a hidden gem and a great choice for those who enjoy dashes of comedic moments and running gags. Fukigen na Mononokean, also known as The Morose Mononokean, is similar to Natsume Yuujinchou and revolves around a boy named Hanae who has the ability to see yokai. As a matter of fact, he actually collapsed on the first few days of school because of a yokai that was clinging to his back. 

Wanting to get rid of the yokai, Hanae seeks the help of Haruituski, the owner of a traditional Japanese tea room called The Mononokean - which is in fact, an extremely huge yokai that communicates via a wall scroll. After granting him the favour, Haruitsuki swiftly uses the debt that Hanae owes him to rope the latter into helping him escort yokai into The Underworld (aka exorcise). 

With every episode, watch as Hanae comes to terms with his ability and bonds with the stern Haruitsuki, and try not to squeal over the cuteness portrayed in this show. If you’re someone who can’t resist cuteness, then you definitely can’t resist watching this anime. Reason being?

Fuzzy! Yes, that’s the name Hanae gifted his newly-found friend. Doesn’t it live up to its name? 

That aside, this anime has incredibly interesting and fresh visuals. It comes with a myriad of colours that are a delight to see. Especially with scenes in The Underworld, you’ll get to view a colourful and saturated world with unusual creatures. 

With two seasons, this anime is an easy and pleasing watch 一 I hope you enjoy your time there! 

  1. Kemono Jihen 

We are taking a sharp turn here, but it may be right up your alley. That is, you’re into criminal cases and some splashes of gore (and bonus: Jujutsu Kaisen). Kemono Jihen introduces a world where demons, each with their own special ability, secretly coexist with humans. The show revolves around a somewhat emotionless but extremely powerful boy named Kabane, who gets taken in by a detective running an agency that specializes in kemono-related cases. 

Kabane is an odd character, to say the least. He is almost like an empty shell, but as the story progresses, you get glimpses of the little changes in his character. His blunt remarks and the way he takes words at face value really chalk up to the show’s humour, especially with the other characters in the agency. 

There are many unusual characters in this anime, ranging from a tsundere fox spy to a vampire gamer. There is not a dull moment in their interactions and each character has their own story and intentions - you can never really guess the true colours of one. 

Paired with the gritty cases Kabane encounters, you’re in for a ride. Explore what makes someone good and someone evil, and watch the main character learn to trust and depend on his friends and comrades in times of need. 

Watching this anime is like going on a rollercoaster. Your heart can be beating frantically in one second and melt in the next, at the most unexpected times. Although of a dark nature, underneath all that, Kemono Jihen is about connections between people and character growth. You learn to care for the characters as you watch them struggle to overcome obstacles, never giving up, and admire their determination to battle their inner demons. 

If you’re giving this series a try, then be ready 一 or not. It’ll be a wild one. 

P.S. Here’s a bonus anime: Hotarubi no Mori e 

A 45-min movie about a human girl, an enchanted forest, and a gentle, masked yokai. The human girl and the yokai grow a close bond but have never been able to physically touch one another, as the yokai would disappear upon a human's touch. This dream-like, magical adaptation will play with your emotions, make you wish for the impossible, and leave you with bittersweet memories.  

But it’s worth every second. Just a warning, though 一 try not to get too attached. 

Written by Potato.

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